Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey


Donald Trump fired controversial FBI Director Comey just as he was setting up indictments from grand juries for General Flynn and his associates over possible treason with Russia. But Trump would have us believe he fired Comey for his statements about Hillary Clinton's emails last year, which Trump famously called for Russia to hack, by the way. Yeah right.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote a letter suggesting the termination, even though he had recused himself from the Hillary Clinton email scandal as well as Trump-Russia. This comes right after also-fired Ex- Acting Attorney General Sally Yates appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss Trump's Muslim Ban as well as his Russian connections.

Perhaps Comey and Yates were getting too close to the truth, so Trump got rid of them. Not since Nixon has a President fired someone who was investigating his own administration. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

From Journalist Dan Rather on Facebook

Kudos to the Trump-Russia Twitter Crowd
Who Have Been Sounding Alarms for Weeks
And Were Still Predicting Last Night

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