Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump's Horrific Response to #LondonBridge Attack

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London suffered a serious terrorist attack the other day with multiple lives lost as pedestrians were rammed with vans and stabbed with knives:

Londoners rallied and started helping each other, as they always do, as sympathy poured in from the world.

On the other hand, our erstwhile 'leader' Donald The Trump spent the next 24 hours tweeting about fear of Muslims, pushing his Muslim Ban in the United States, and criticizing the Mayor of London - also a Muslim. He seemed to have no clue that emergencies call for a calm and cool response, not fear-mongering and political shenanigans. But then again, when has Trump ever been "Presidential" in any situation?

Jennifer Rubin writes in The Washington Post:

...The Brits fought back, launching drinking glasses and chairs at the savages who attacked them. The police acted with lightning-fast precision, killing the three assailants within eight minutes of the emergency call. And, God Bless him, a man returned to the bar where he experienced Saturday’s horror — to pay his bill and tip. Civilization is not going to be driven out of Britain by three or three hundred killers.
Meanwhile — and it pains me to write this — our president acted like a clod, a heartless and dull-witted thug in sending out a series of tweets....
. . . One is prompted to ask if he is off his rocker. But this is vintage Trump — impulsive and cruel, without an ounce of class or human decency. His behavior no longer surprises us, but it should offend and disturb us, first, that he remains the face and voice of America in the world and, second, that his fans hoot and holler, seeing this as inconsequential or acceptable conduct.

Keith Olbermann stated in his GQ "The Resistance" Video:

Let me apologize again to the world, particularly to the United Kingdom, on behalf of the United States of America. Donald Trump is not of sound mind. We are working to correct the problem as soon as possible. . . . In almost any other job in this country, assuredly in any other private sector job, no matter the financial cost, no matter the upheaval, no matter the blow-back, Donald Trump, our national embarrassment, our international disgrace, would have been fired by now.... everywhere from the Board Room at Microsoft to the deep fryer at McDonald's.

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