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Weiner Problems

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Anthony Weiner Sexplains His Role as Carlos Danger


Anthony Weiner talking about his alias "Carlos Danger" on Univision
Interviewer: You picked the pseudonym 'Carlos Danger' to hold these conversations of sexual content online. Why did you pick a Hispanic name and how dangerous were you really?
Weiner: It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person. I'm not going to comment on anything about the information that that person has chosen to release. They can do whatever they want, try to harm me in any way that they want. I'm moving forward.

I mean as funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy jacking off to do anything for the city. Okay, how are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c*mming like five times a day?
~ Sydney Leathers on Howard Stern via UpRoxx

I felt manipulated," Sydney Leathers told the television program "Inside Edition." "Obviously I felt like he's saying one thing to me, another thing to his wife, saying another thing on the campaign trail. I don't know who the real Anthony Weiner is I guess."
Later, Leathers claimed Weiner became "controlling" toward the end of their online relationship.
"He would tell me that he would be jealous," Leathers said. "He would look at my Facebook frequently. He would tell me that he would get jealous if other men would compliment me. Just little stuff like that."
~ Sydney Leathers on Inside Edition via CNN

He’s a grown man. She’s a young girl and kind of a mixed up kid. She’s bright and she’s pretty but she’s got sucked up in this whole ugly thing and this guy’s a snake and a pervert.
~ A "Close Relative" of Leathers, quoted in The Daily Mail


This chick is so batsh*t you know -- Excuse me. But Leathers is reportedly considering a porn deal now. So that's why I say that this whole thing is such a big mess.
~ Thomas Roberts of MSNBC

From "Anthony Weiner Called Me Monica" on NSFWCORP Blog by Ex-Weiner Staff Member Olivia Nuzzi
I had been interning on Anthony Weiner's current mayoral campaign for three weeks when he decided to introduce himself. "Come on, everybody! All interns! Anthony wants to say hello." We crowded into Weiner's private office in his new 5th Avenue campaign headquarters, where he stayed reclined in a cheap, black leather chair.

. . . "Okay!" Weiner said loudly, though not enthusiastically. "I'm going to go around the room now and ask you your name and a fact about yourself, and then I'm going to go back around and repeat your name to you." A member of the campaign staff looked on, nervously. "I'm great at this," Weiner said.

. . . "Okay!" Weiner had heard from us all. "Now I'm going to repeat your names back to you. I'm really good at this," he confirmed.

He paused and squinted his eyes at Stephanie.

We all laughed nervously. Monica is an interesting intern name to pick out of the air. (Weiner's wife, we should remember, works for Hillary Clinton.)

"Oh, that's right. Okay, next." He paused again and squinted his eyes at me.
More nervous laughter. "Olivia."

After getting the following three interns' names wrong, he gave up and released us back into the main office.


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Who would work on a campaign like this?
It has been reported that Weiner had difficulty hiring veteran operatives. His choice of a campaign manager led to the headline, “Weiner Said to Hire Relative Unknown to Run Mayoral Campaign.” His communications director last worked as the press secretary for the New Jersey state education commissioner.
There were a lot of short résumés around the office.
The candidate sometimes seemed inexperienced, too.
~ Ex-Operative Olivia Nuzzi writing for NY Daily News

I’m dealing with like stupid f***ing interns who make it on to the cover of the Daily News even though they signed NDAs and/or they proceeded to trash me.
F***ing slutbag. Nice f***ing glamour shot on the cover of the Daily News. Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again.
It’s all bullsh**. I mean, it’s such bullsh**. She could f***ing — f***ing tw*t."
~ Weiner's "Communication Director" Elizabeth Morgan on Olivia Nuzzi's allegations

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