Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kentucky Zingerfest ~ Alison Grimes Vs. Mitch McConnell at Fancy Farm

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Senator Mitch McConnell at Kentucky's Fancy Farm Political Forum
  • Over the next 15 months we are going to decide what kind of America we want. … Barack Obama’s vision for America, or Kentucky’s?
  • Before I get started, I want say how nice it is to see Jerry Lundergan back in the game. Like the loyal Democrat he is, he's taking orders from Obama on how to run his daughter's campaign. And he told them to make a pitch for the women's vote and to send a check to Anthony Weiner.
  •  Kentucky’s voice is the voice of opposition to the Obama agenda and I’m proud of that. That’s why every liberal in America is out to beat us next year.
  •  . . .  The liberals are worried because, just as I predicted, Obamacare is a disaster for America. I fought them every step of the way on their government takeover and we stand up to their war on coal. As long as I am in the Senate, Kentucky will have a voice instead of San Francisco and Martha’s Vineyard.

Senate Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes at Fancy Farm
  •  The GOP has come to stand for gridlock, obstruction, and partisanship. If doctors told Senator McConnell he had a kidney stone, he’d refuse to pass it.
  • Senator McConnell is the most unpopular senator among Democrats but Republicans as well. … There’s a reason he’s so disliked. He sowed the seeds of dysfunction, and after 30 years Senator McConnell is in the center of it. As long as he remains in D.C., D.C. will stand for dysfunctional capitol.
  • It's been a tough month for him. The entire GOP caucus went around him to accomplish filibuster reform.
  •  Now I know Senator McConnell believes I’m not right for the job. But do I really need to apologize for having more government experience than Rand Paul?”
  • (McConnell) has used politics as a carnival game of Whack-A-Mole, but I will tell you that I don't scare easy, and neither does the rest of Kentucky.

I am as much a cheerleader for President Obama as Sen. McConnell is a Chippendale dancer.
~ Alison Grimes in an interview with Howard Fineman for Huff Post

Democratic senate candidate Alison Grimes blew into the Fancy Farm Picnic, stared down Mitch McConnell, and left him looking like a directionless and paranoid old man.
Alison Grimes began by talking about her long name and then said with your help Kentucky in January 2015 you can call me senator. Grimes said that she didn’t have to apologize for having more government experience than Rand Paul. She took a shot at Paul by pointing out that he wasn’t in Kentucky, he was spending his weekend with his loved ones, the tea party in Iowa.
. . . Grimes said that McConnell is disliked by the voters in Kentucky and in the United States. She said McConnell is at the center of the DC dysfunction. The Democrat said after years of McConnell’s leadership the GOP stands for Gridlock Obstruction and Partisanship. She told McConnell to stop. She called out his empty rhetoric on defending Kentucky coal. She called McConnell on his votes against the Violence Against Women Act, and the Fair Pay Act.
~ PoliticusUSA


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