Friday, August 16, 2013

Reince Priebus Distances GOP from 2016 Debates

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(In 2012) Candidates made a mistake in raising their hand at every 2-hour debate offered. I think 23 debates is ridiculous, but the second thing that is ridiculous is allowing moderators, who are not serving the best interests of the candidates and the party, to actually be the people to be deposing our people. And I think that is totally wrong. And it's incumbent on the Republican Party today to get its act together, put a reasonable debate calendar together with moderators that are not trying to kill us.
~ Reince Priebus on Fox News

Priebus to Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe:
I'm not going to have you moderate the Republican debate. Because you’re not actually interested in the future of the Republican Party and our nominees. That’s not a slam on you, Mika, but I have to choose moderators that are actually interested in the Republican Party and our nominees... It’s not going to be NBC, if they continue to go forward with this miniseries.

We’re done putting up with this nonsense. There are plenty of other news outlets; we’ll still reach plenty of voters, maybe more voters! But CNN and NBC anchors will just have to watch on their competitors’ networks. The media overplayed their hand this time. It was really obvious - even the liberals saw it.
. . . Did you ever think you'd read in the NY Times with Maureen Dowd saying that "Reince is right?"
~ RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

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From Washington Post
The Republican National Committee formally decided Friday not to partner with CNN and NBC News for any presidential primary debates during the 2016 election cycle, a rebuke of the networks’ plans to air programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton.
. . . Party officials approved the resolution Friday morning in Boston at the RNC’s annual summer meeting.
The ban on CNN and NBC extends to their Spanish-language sibling networks, CNN en Espanol and Telemundo, according to RNC aides. That leaves the RNC with only one major Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision, to partner with on officially-sanctioned debates.

WHEREAS, former Secretary Hillary Clinton is likely to run for President in 2016, and CNN and NBC have both announced programming that amounts to little more than extended commercials promoting former Secretary Clinton; and
WHEREAS, these programming decisions are an attempt to show political favoritism and put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election;
. . . RESOLVED, that if CNN and NBC continue to move forward with this and other such programming, the Republican National Committee will neither partner with these networks in the 2016 presidential primary debates nor sanction any primary debates they sponsor


I’d advocate Thunderdome if I thought that it would help. Seriously, though: it needs to be made clear to all of the serious candidates that what Reince Priebus and the RNC is doing resonates with a very large swath of the Republican party. The Media went gunning for the GOP in 2012 with those debates. They did everything that they could – which turned out to be a lot - to savage our candidates. The Media, in fact, hates the Republican party, and wants us to die in a fire.
~ Moe Lane on Red State

Nevermind that the RNC doesn’t actually sponsor or partner on debates. The wholly symbolic move makes Clinton a clear winner, all for the simple fact of existing. The RNC, on the other hand, is likely shooting itself in the foot.
. . . the person who must be sitting back and having a laugh about all this frenzy must be Hillary Clinton herself. Whether or not she runs–and there’s little reason right now to think she won’t–the right looks utterly terrified by anyone even talking about her.
. . . a conservative campaign against a mere movie about her just risks looking like more sexism from the party, or at the very least sour grapes. And all she has to do is let them talk amongst themselves.
~ Irin Carmen on MSNBC Blog

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