Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rebranding Fail ~ GOP Misognist Super Pac Urges Folks to "Slap Hillary"

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Link to "Slap Hillary" Game via The Hillary Project

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From Buzzfeed
The website states that the game was “Created and produced by The SlapHillary Team,” and began spamming reporters to its existence Monday with the tweet, “Have you slapped Hillary today?”
According to the website, the game is in fact old “and was created Marie Poe, an award-winning filmmaker and animation producer of numerous hit shows, including MTV’s Beavis and Butthead.” The website also states the game was created in 2000.
The Hillary Project “games” webpage also features a game that allows you to control Hillary Clinton’s dance moves and a game in which Clinton fights President Obama.
The game was also featured as The Economist’s “website of the week” on Oct. 5, 2000.

From Think Progress
The sole officer identified on the PAC's public filings, Christopher M. Marston, is a Republican operative with ties to several prominent GOP officeholders.
Marston, a former Alexandria, VA Republican chairman, an unsuccessful 2011 candidate for Clerk of the City Court, and an Assistant Secretary of Education in the George W. Bush adminsitration, is treasurer of The Hillary Project...
...Marston, who served as treasurer for the pro-Rick Santorum Red, White, and Blue fund in 2012, also currently serves in a similar role for leadership PACs for Rep. Marlin Stuzman (R-IN), Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA), and Virginia Speaker of the House William Howell (R). None of those three responded immediately to ThinkProgress inquiries about their reaction to the game and their treasurer's involvement.

Disclaimor from Chris Marston, via Blue Virginia Blog
. . . I don't develop online video games for websites. My clients don't clear their plans for communication with me in advance.
How many small businesses ask their accountant for advice on their marketing plans?
Clients contract with me to meet their public disclosure obligations and ensure they follow regulations that apply to them. As a result, I'm listed on their FEC Forms. And usually as the "sole officer." The only two officers the FEC asks for are the treasurer and custodian of records. And I'm usually both.
Like the kids game telephone, as the story goes from one outlet to the next, I've gone from being the "sole officer" listed to leading the Hillary Project.
I don't lead the Hillary Project. Neither does Speaker Howell, Congressman Wittman, Congress Stutzman or any of my other clients.

It’s obvious that this ‘game’ is offensive and sexist. And one would hope that any person who thinks it’s a great idea to advocate slapping women–of ANY party–wouldn’t have a job anywhere near politics.
But unfortunately, that’s not the case. And that’s why we need to speak up. With all the rumors that Hillary Clinton will run for president, we can expect a lot more of this sort of misogyny in the political realm between now and the election–unless we nip it in the bud NOW.
Violence against women is not a joke. A woman is assaulted or beaten every 9 SECONDS in our country–and more than three women are murdered every day by their partners or boyfriends. When we excuse ‘games’ that make fun of abusing women, we perpetuate a culture that allows violence against women to stand, and that’s not OK.
~ Email from Ultraviolet

This ridiculous behavior is why no amount of 're-branding' is going to help Republicans win over women voters -- they just don't get it.Violence against women isn't a 'game.' Slapping a woman for speaking isn't actually a joke. It's just gross.
~ EMILY's List Communications Director Jess McIntosh via CBS News

This is not a fringe-of-the-fringe-of-the-Republican-Party undertaking, in other words. It's a reminder of how people a half step outside of the very core of the Republican establishment have always treated Hillary Clinton, and a preview of what the 2016 campaign against her would be. It's the nutcracker on steroids. And it's today's Republican Party: looking for laughs and fundraising dollars off of slapping a woman across the face.
~ Laura Clawson on Daily Kos

This is a non-partisan, non-profit charitable organization? I'm dumbfounded. How did this "organization" get this status. And, my tax dollars support this (if they don't pay taxes, you and me in effect are subsidizing them).
~ comment by Frank G. on Addicting Info

So, what do you do when an uppity woman doesn't know her place? You slap her, of course.
~ Charles Clymer on Huff Post

The republican soul in a nutshell - always fun slapping people around as long as they can't slap you back.
~ Donovan Digital on Wonkette

Phyllis Schlafly is demanding to be slapped also.
~ John Birf Society on Wonkette

Apparently the rape Hilary game didn’t test well with their focus group.
~ Goonemeritus on Wonkette

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