Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bernie Camp Blames Hillary for AZ Voting Problems

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Voters for Bernie Sanders can't believe that their candidate doesn't win every state, so they rationalize. They say Bernie gets the "real" states, while Hillary only wins "Southern" or "Confederate" states in the south, totally dismissing her wins in Massachusetts, Iowa (which they still consider a tie), and Illinois.

There seems to be a basic lack of civics knowledge, as well as a sense of what the Primary is supposed to achieve, which is a chance for Democrats in blue, red, or purple states to pick a general election candidate. Bernie simply does better in party-run caucuses in smaller states, while Hillary is picking up loads of delegates in straightforward primaries run by state and local governments. In fact, her lead in both popular votes and delegates is getting to the point that some Democrats are suggesting that Bernie should drop out of the race for the good of the party.

But Bernie and his gang are not going to go quietly into that good night, and the first stage of campaign loss is denial.

Last night during the Western Tuesday primary, Bernie handily won the Idaho and Utah caucuses, but Hillary got basically a landslide in Arizona so the denial reached new heights, with the Bernies blaming Hillary and the Democrats for somehow "making sure" there were going to be long lines in Maricopa County, and even blaming them for paperwork problems involving Independents trying to vote in a closed Primary open only to Dems. Trolls jumped onto Twitter last night to insist that the Democrats were running the AZ primary (see below) and would not listen to reason.

First of all, Arizona is a red state with a state-run primary for both parties. Number two, voters for every candidate, including GOP and Hillary voters, were standing in the same long lines. And thirdly, the County Vote Recorder admitted to a reporter on video that local election officials decided to have half the number of usual voting places and count on early voting by mail to pick up the slack - big mistake during such a major election year with so many candidates. So none of it has anything to do with Hillary, but the Republican bureaucracy and penny-pinching of the state of Arizona and Maricopa County in particular. Most other counties did not have the same problems.

But don't let the facts bother you, Bernie bros!

Bernie's long-time Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver (cousin of Karl Rove of "skewed polls" fame on Fox News), said he was concerned that "something happened" in Arizona to help Hillary get more votes. He was also asked about why Bernie voters nearly always "boo" for Hillary when Bernie mentions her name.

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