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Susan Sarandon Likes Trump Over Hillary

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Many supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have taken the hashtag #BernieOrBust literally and absolutely refuse to consider Hillary Clinton as a viable alternative, even if she wins the Democratic nomination. At least that is what they are vowing in numerous tweets and multiple diaries a day on Daily Kos.

Some have labeled Hillary a criminal, a warmonger, a kiss-up to Wall Street and other things too horrible to mention here. Some even attack her for being a woman, and her supporters as "Hill-bots in love with vaginas," as if women aware of their gender are not allowed in the Democratic Party anymore. We can't possibly be allowed to enjoy the idea of the first woman President, because that is putting lady-parts ahead of the Revolution.

Here are some anti-Hillary tweets from earlier this year by Bernie surrogate Susan Sarandon, actress famous for supposedly feminist cult film, "Thelma and Louise."

More on Sarandon in a minute . . . but recall that in 2000 she was also attached to the third-party campaign for Ralph Nader, who skewed the race away from Al Gore and gave George W. Bush the Presidency.

Hillary's main problems, according to Sarandon and others, are that she isn't a man and she isn't a revolutionary, and especially that she isn't a revolutionary man identical to the cranky but "pure" Bernie Sanders. And now that he seems to be losing to Hillary as the Democratic nominee, some rabid followers are dogmatically refusing to shift positions for the general election. Of course, many of those saying that are not Democrats but Independents crossing lines in open caucuses and primaries for a candidate they believe in. That is their perogative, but their goals may not be identical to that of most Dems, who wish to protect President Obama's legacy of Obamacare, social and environmental programs, and especially to insure a liberal majority on the Supreme Court into the future.

If the revolutionary Bernies reject Hillary, then who will get their votes in November? One theory was that Bernie might make a run as a 3rd Party candidate, reminiscent of Ralph Nader, but there has been no mention of that for some time, and Bernie will probably just go back to being the Senator from Vermont. Some have put forth Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, but many will surely stay home and say to hell with the country. In the worst case scenario, the Bernie-bros-and-gals will switch over and vote for Trump, perhaps hoping he will beat Hillary as some kind of revenge.

And that brings us back to Susan Sarandon. In an interview with Chris Hayes the other night on MSNBC, Sarandon stated once again that if Bernie loses the nomination, she will never ever EVER vote for Hillary, and in fact . . . well, a quote is best or you won't believe it:

CHRIS HAYES: . . . I think a lot of people think to themselves well if it’s Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and I think Bernie Sanders probably would think this…

SARANDON: I think Bernie probably would encourage people because he doesn’t have any ego. I think a lot of people are sorry, I can’t bring myself to do that.

HAYES: How about you personally?

SARANDON: I don’t know. I’m going to see what happens.

HAYES: Really?


HAYES: I cannot believe as you’re watching the, if Donald Trump…

SARANDON: Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in then things will really, you know explode.

HAYES: Don’t you think that’s dangerous?

SARANDON: I think that what’s going on now — if you think it’s pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you’re not in touch with the status quo. The status quo is not working, and I think it’s dangerous to think that we can continue the way we are, with the militarized police force, with privatized prisons, with the death penalty, with the low minimum wage, threats to women’s rights, and think that you can’t do something huge to turn that around, because the country is not in good shape. If you’re in the middle class, it’s disappearing.

Later on Twitter in response to fellow-actress Jamie Lee Curtis,
Sarandon tried to walk back her remarks and support for Trump.
Lots of people called her out on the flip-flop.


Appearing just after Sarandon on Inners, LGTB activist Dan Savage spoke for many Dems watching when he said::

Can I just say I’m for Bernie, or Hillary, or both. Come November I plan to vote for the Democratic nominee whoever it is, because the lesser of two evils is less evil, and I don’t think Donald will bring the revolution,” Via Washington Blade

Let’s be grateful to Susan Sarandon for exposing just how vapid and callous the left-wing #NeverHillary argument is.
It’s unclear how many people Sarandon speaks for. There are lots of posturing radicals on social media who pretend Clinton would be no better than Trump, but my guess is that they are a tiny fraction of Sanders supporters. Sanders himself certainly doesn’t encourage such political nihilism and will surely rally to Clinton’s side if she beats him in the primary. Inasmuch as #NeverHillary is a phenomenon, however, Sarandon, a rich white celebrity with nothing on the line, is a perfect spokeswoman for it.
~ Michelle Goldberg, Slate

Sanders has already said that he would support Clinton if she won the nomination.
Now this statement from Sarandon displays a disturbing flaw that may be at the heart of the thinking of many Sanders supporters. Sanders may be campaigning as a true socialist on an egoless mission to create a better, more equitable America, but many of his supporters, including Sarandon, appear fully committed to allowing their egos to play a vital role in this election.
~ Barrett Holmes Pitner

Sarandon is a public figure with considerable influence. Therefore offering a get-out-of-jail-free card to Bernie supporters who think it’s wise to allow a Republican to become president in lieu of Hillary Clinton is, putting it mildly, irresponsible. Like her or not, Sarandon is a woman with political clout, and Bernie supporters who might be feeling the slow onset of heartbreak as Bernie’s window to the nomination closes are very likely to take her seriously and let the general election chips fall where they may.
. . . Sarandon has millions of dollars between her and poverty. She’s the one percent, and perhaps that’s why she’s not troubled by the idea of using poor and middle class workers as human shields in her plan to get to achieve a revolution.
. . . Today, allowing a Republican extremist like Trump or Cruz to win the presidency by refusing to vote or by casting a protest vote is objectively reckless. It shows a total disregard for the millions of Americans who would be literally destroyed by a GOP president. Your personal political agenda is not nearly as crucial as helping to maintain an electoral bulwark against an apocalyptic Republican victory, and the only way to achieve this is by voting for the Democratic nominee.
~ Bob Cesca on

. . . you don’t have to go very far back to remember something akin to what Sarandon is describing in the Democratic Party—but last time around, it was in support of Clinton, not against her. The PUMAs (“People United Means Action” or, by some accounts, “Party Unity My Ass”) were such diehard Clinton supporters that they flatly refused to support the upstart Barack Obama eight years ago. So how did that turn out in 2008? Obama cruised to victory with the highest popular vote total in U.S. history, and a nearly 10 million vote lead over Senator John McCain. Sarandon is feeling the Bern, but perhaps there’s more heat than light to her claims about Sandersistas sitting 2016 out.
~ David A. Graham on The Atlantic

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