Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hypocrite Elizabeth Lauten Resigns as her Shady Past is Revealed - Twitter Cheers

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Elizabeth Lauten, the GOP Communications Director who decided to insult the Obama family on Thanksgiving has resigned.

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It was worth every tweet we made this weekend to see this person get kicked out on the street. No one should EVER insult the first family on Thanksgiving or any other holiday, and no one in their right mind would EVER attack the children of the President for no apparent reason. (Unless they are a right-wing racist nutjob tossing red meat to their followers in the echo chamber of conservative Facebook, that is).

Anyway - how's that working out for her now? Pwned by Twitter. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

I'm sure she will find employment soon with Fox News or some far-right think tank. She is one of the faithful, and just tried to put those uppity Obamas in their place at the back of the White House. I'm sure she's getting fan mail from the St. Louis KKK as I write this, LOL.

DeWayne Wickham, USA Today Op-Ed
Elizabeth Lauten's resignation doesn't surprise me. As a Republican Party communications specialist, she was more of a bull in a China shop than an artful word merchant. Her undoing was her clumsy attempt to strike a blow against the president through a social media attack on his teenage daughters.
. . . Lauten is not a GOP loose cannon. She's someone the Republican Party's national organization and a Republican congressman have used as a spokesman. Word usage, for her, is the coin of the realm. It's hard to imagine that what she wrote wasn't a well-thought-out strike at Obama's daughters and that the real purpose was to inflict damage on the president.
So don't expect Republicans to cut their ties with Lauten. She's a good soldier in the war of attrition they're waging against Obama.

Most likely she and her employer, Rep. Stephen Fincher, R-Tennessee, realized she had to resign (or be fired) because of the embarrassing pictures and stories coming out about Lauten, who according to The Smoking Gun was arrested for shoplifting at age 17 - a year older than Malia Obama.

Lauten ...was arrested in December 2000 for misdemeanor larceny, according to court records. Lauten, then 17, was collared for stealing from a Belk department store in her North Carolina hometown.
Because Lauten was a first-time offender, her case was handled via the District Court’s deferred prosecution program, which resulted in the charge’s eventual dismissal after the future scold stayed out of trouble for a prescribed period.
Since Lauten was just another teenager caught shoplifting at the mall, it appears unlikely that she was publicly pilloried for her lack of class, nor were her parents criticized as poor role models.

Wow, is that classy or what? Oh, never mind - she's just damn hypocrite.

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