Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The KKK Past of Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) is the House Majority Whip starting in January, but he is already drawing fire for a speech he made back in 2002 to a group founded by ex-KKK Grand Dragon, David Duke. When first asked about this, Scalise said he "didn't know" of a connection between Duke and the KKK. Yeah right. And he's been scrambling ever since.

The hashtag #SteveScaliseExcuses has trended several times.

From Washington Post
Scalise's people said that he had no idea about the group's ideology. They are essentially blaming poor planning and lack of research for how Scalise ended up speaking before a group of white nationalists. (Erick Erikson asks a good question over at RedState: How do you show up at a David Duke event and not know what it is?) This excuse, while perhaps a valid one, doesn't change the fact that this is a very bad thing for Scalise, who is the third-ranking member of the House, and for the GOP as they attempt rebranding with minority voters.

In retaliation, David Duke issued his own ultimatum to critics of Scalise in Congress:

Via Raw Story
Duke said that he is shocked at the “insane” amount of attention he and Scalise are getting.

“Why is Scalise being singled out? I don’t know,” he said. “He was just going [to the EURO conference], obviously, to tell voters about some of his initiatives on some tax matters. That’s what it’s all about. And I think it’s insane, this whole process.”

He issued a warning to Democrats and Republicans who might try to ruin his friend’s career.
“If Scalise is going to be crucified — if Republicans want to throw Steve Scalise to the woods, then a lot of them better be looking over their shoulders,” Duke warned, intimating that he would reveal his ties to any politicians who attack Scalise.

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