Friday, November 15, 2013

Obamacare Equals Hurricane Katrina - Because IDIOTS

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Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response
. . . The disastrous rollout of his health care law not only threatens the rest of his agenda but also raises questions about his competence in the same way that the Bush administration’s botched response to Hurricane Katrina undermined any semblance of Republican efficiency.
~ Michael D. Shear on New York Times

Just like Katrina, when the big problem President Bush had was diminishing the significance of what was happening, saying ‘Hey, way to go, Brownie,’—you had the president yesterday talking about glitches and kinks. This is bigger than glitches and kinks. The one difference was Katrina was a storm, the health care law was Obama’s creation.
. . . Maybe the Iraq War is a better analogy.
~ Conservative pundit Ron Fournier on MSNBC

There are moments in a presidency where everything is different afterward and I believe this is that moment. For us, it was Hurricane Katrina because while public support had been dropping for the war in Iraq, after Katrina, after many members of the public and every member of the Democratic Party viewed us as incompetent and it transcended to everything else we did. You know, you can't look in a crystal ball but I believe this is a moment after which everything will be different for the President. And if you look at the problems he's facing in the world, with Iran and other issues, he's going to miss his credibility very much.
~ Former Bush Communications Adviser Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC's Morning Joe, via Esquire

President's struggle so much in their second term. Everybody remembers what happened to Bush after Katrina. All those questions about his competence took hold. His second term never really recovered. Is President Obama in that kind of a position right now?
~ George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America

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