Monday, November 25, 2013

Senator John Cornyn R-TX - Iran Peace Deal Just "Distraction" from Obamacare

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From CNN
. . . on Sunday, diplomats made history when Iran and six world powers came together on an agreement over Iran's nuclear program.
The deal dials back Iran's ability to work toward a nuclear weapon and at the same time loosens the choke hold of international sanctions on Iran's economy.
. . . That the diplomats came to any accord at all represents a momentous budge in a nearly 35-year deadlock marked by distrust, suspicion and open animosity between the United States and Iran, which broke off diplomatic relations after Iran's revolution in 1979.
It was the first such agreement in 10 years of attempts to negotiate over Iran's nuclear program.

Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas tweeted that President Obama made the historic and ground-breaking Peace Deal with Iran just to deliberately "distract attention from Obamacare." Then after most people on Twitter responded in disbelief, he doubled down instead of backing down.

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