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#GOP Heads Explode On Election Night as Cuccinelli Loses, Christie Wins

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Via Time Swampland
Democrat Terry McAuliffe edged out Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli in the race to be the state’s next governor on Tuesday, riding a significant financial advantage and voter distaste over the Republican’s staunchly conservative stances on social issues to victory in the key swing state.
The contest was close late into Tuesday night after polls had indicated McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and close Clinton confidante, could win by high single digits. But with 96% of precincts reporting, McAuliffe led Cuccinelli 47.1% to 46.3%, and the Associated Press called the race for McAuliffe at about 10 p.m. E.T. A third candidate, libertarian Robert Sarvis, ended up winning a critical 6.7%.
It’s the first time the party occupying the White House has won the state’s off-year gubernatorial election since 1973.

From Politico
The Republican Governors Association took umbrage Wednesday at anonymous griping that it abandoned Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial bid, highlighting the $8.5 million it spent to help the Republican state attorney general against Democrat Terry McAuliffe.
The tit-for-tat played out a day after Cuccinelli lost by less than three percentage points, a margin that was much narrower than expected and triggered second-guessing and finger-pointing about what might have been.


Blame Women, RINOs, Libertarians and Benghaziiiiii!!!

~ Conservative Radio Pundit Mark Levin on his website

2014 is vitally important and we all know why. Instead of 8 years of HELL for America it will be 16 FRIGGIN' YEARS OF HELL!!!
We've got to make SURE Hillary is held to account for Benghazi and MB support in Egypt!!
~ Obama is Sabotaging America on Free Republic

McCauliffe was probably put over the top by stupid white women who wanted someone else to pay for their abortions and birth control. Like their boyfriend Obama. And from everything I have hear, the GOP did as little as possible to help Cucinelli. I am more upset at the GOP than anyone else.
~ Hacksaw on Free Republic

Next Libertarian you see, give him a hearty middle finger “Thank You!” salute.
Seven percent to Sarvis is what sank Cuccinelli.
~ Nervous Tick on Free Republic


"Eclair" Christie and the Bubble Boys

(The Cuccinelli Campaign in Virginia) begged Christie, and you can make an argument that to bring a Chris Christie to Northern Virginia might have helped. But Chris Christie is worried about his own brand.
~ MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Morning Joe, quoted by Breitbart

Christie's current brand might endear him to the Morning Joe bubble-boys, but they will turn on him, just as they did Romney, the moment he is a threat to a Democrat's quest for the Oval Office. In a presidential campaign, in both the primary and general elections, Christie needs the base to stand in long lines for him.
That is the brand Christie needs to worry about.
Had Christie taken just a half-day to stump for Cuccinelli, not only would that have helped wash the Sandy stain away; it might have actually made him a hero to the base for both defying the Morning Joe crowd and helping to drag Cuccinelli over the finish line.
~ John Nolte on Breitbart

Screw Christie!!!! He won because the DEMS didn't lift a finger (or a dollar) to fight him. They wrote that whole race off...Don't think that will be the case in 2016. On the other hand, the cooch man had to fight the Dems AND the freaking GOP establishment AND the media!!! and he almost WON! He would be a much better candidate in 2016 than freaking Christie!!
~ colinthemurph on Red State

The Cuccinelli campaign asked Christie to help them out in VA, but Hindenburg Jr. was too busy cleaning out all the donut shops all over NJ. He only slobbers over and embraces his commie pal, didn't you know. He is a phony scumbag who can never be trusted. He says he's "gonna get things done". Mr. Reach Across The Isle. That's the LAST thing we need is more capitulation from New Jersey's most famous hot air balloon. How America ended up with so many losers is hard to figure out. No vote from me for Eclair Boy.
~ USMC on Breitbart


No more Money for RNC

Open letter to the RNC- Sirs, I am not and have never been a member of the Tea Party. That said, I respectfully inform you that you can no longer count on my financial support and no longer will I man the phone bank as I have in the past. For the RNC to abandon Cooch, even though he was the duly elected nominee, was low down. I see no difference between the Rep. "establishment" and the Dems. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck.
~ Victor Seal on The Daily Caller

FreedomWorks YES! Senate Conservatives Fund YES! Tea Party candidates YES! Republican Party NOT A RED CENT!
~ Black Crow on The Blaze

. . . This is absolutely disgusting!!!!! I am absolutely beyond mad. Furious doesn't begin to describe me. WE ARE BEING DEFEATED BY OUR ALLEGED ALLIES.
This is going to be used to put us down. They are going to say that real social conservative cannot win, but we can. It was close and if those #$%##$$## so called leaders of the Republican Party had stood with us, we would have made it. They are going to tell us that Christie's win indicates that we just need to be more LIBERAL and we can win. That's total b#$#%%#.
I am ready to go. Someone tell me what we should do. I cannot stand this anymore. We could have had a God-fearing man in the VA Governor's mansion (again).
I am officially no longer a Republican. I may indeed vote for Republicans but I will not let my name be included in their rolls. And then again, I may not vote for them. They need to EARN my vote. They can no longer take it for granted. They will no longer get any of my money. True Tea Party, conservative (socially conservative) candidates can count on my support. I will listen carefully to the Republican candidates and if they are true conservatives, I will vote for them. Otherwise, I will not.
~ alphacon1963 on Red State


What if?

If there had been late spending for Cuccinelli, or if there hadn't been a government shutdown, right, which is not Ken Cuccinelli's fault, if there hadn't been, you think of the Northern Virginia vote, where there are a huge number of huge number of government workers in Northern Virginia, where Terry McAuliffe found his margin of victory.
If there hadn't been for the shutdown, Ken Cuccinelli might have won this race also for all of his problems, a little bit more money, and a little bit less government shutdown, you might be looking at Ken Cuccinelli as bad as he was, and as out of step with so much of Virginia, he probably would be in the statehouse.
~ Conservative Pundit John Heilemann on MSNBC's Last Word, via Newsbusters

Virginia Squeaker Sends Shivers Through Dems

It looks like if Cuccinelli had another week to tag McAuliffe for his unflinching support of President Obama’s unpopular new entitlement, the race might have ended differently. What if he would have had another year? That’s the reality facing vulnerable Democrats on the 2014 election cycle.
~ Chris Stirewalt on Fox News


Denial, Carpetbaggers, Scary Blacks and Voter Fraud

Virginia is not liberal; NORTHERN Virginia is. Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William Counties alone gave McAuliffe the nod by a margin of 107,000; STATEWIDE, it was only 55,000. Most of these hacks only reside there due to the fact that they are part of the "political-industrial complex." Bigger government, whether it be state or federal, gives these hacks (so they think) more job security. Apparently, it's a bunch of transplants, as opposed to native Virginians, who now decide the future of the Old Dominion. Thomas Jefferson would be rolling over (and vomiting) in his grave.
~ Bruce on Twitchy

The Virginia gubernatorial race should have been a landslide for democrats. They outspent by wide margins. They were so desperate that they had to cheat to win. They had to revert to sleazy tactics, unable to honorably win on the issues. Democrats recently had a gargantuan lead, and they lost it, largely because of Obamacare.
~ Matthew Berk on Tea Party News Network

Courtland Virginia had a large gang of blacks out front of polling place.
~ Tonya on National Report

Who the hell votes for their state’s AG but not their governor? WHO?!?! Supposedly, 125,000 Virginians do according to the election results. Something’s fishy in VA.
~ Don D. on National Report

The Tea Party, despite almost no help from the GOP, while having a so-called "Libertarian" splitting the ticket, in the state most affected by the evil "shutdown" got so freakin close and that is a gigantic win for them and loss for RINOs, no matter what they want to say.
As far as Obamacare... well, I guarantee Dem Senators up for reelection are panicking a bit after this showing by the "dead" Tea Party flying nearly completely solo
~ SOB on Twitchy

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