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Benghazi Been-There-Done-That - Updated

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Story Via Yahoo News
Three State Department witnesses, including the former deputy chief in Libya, are scheduled to testify Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee at a session certain to attract attention after recent disclosures from the panel's Republicans.

The hearing is the latest in a long-running and bitter dispute between the administration and congressional Republicans who have challenged the White House's actions before and after the Benghazi attack.

The scheduled witnesses were Mark Thompson, acting deputy assistant secretary for counterterrorism; Gregory Hicks, the former deputy of mission in Libya; and Eric Nordstrom, a former regional security officer in Libya who testified before the panel in October.

The dam's about to break on Benghazi.
~ Senator Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina

This could be a hinge point for the Obama administration. It's that serious for them.
~ John Bolton, UN Ambassador under George W. Bush

We need to know were these people culpable or not. If they were, why are they still on the payroll? Other than that, I've been able to read all the cables. I've seen the films. I feel like I know what happened in Benghazi. I'm fairly satisfied."
Look, if the House wants to have hearings, I hope they're done in a respectful way and hopefully it will shed some light on what happened.
~ Senator Bob Corker, R-Tennessee

When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern. As the facts come out, I think we're going to see something startling. And before it's over, I don't think this president will finish his term unless somehow they can delay it in Congress past the next 3½ years.
. . . This is not minor. It wasn't minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people and worked with those in his administration to cover up what really happened in Watergate. But, I remind you — as bad as Watergate was, because it broke the trust between the president and the people — no one died.
This is more serious because four Americans did, in fact, die.
~ Ex-Presidential Candidate and Right-Wing Radio Host Mike Huckabee

Brian Kilmeade: [A]nyone who says this is politically driven, or it's against the president, that's out the window. Because if there's a non-political season in this world in American politics, it's now. The mid-terms aren't close --
Steve Doocy [co-host]: Sure.
Kimeade: And the president is not running.
~ From Fox and Friends, 5-7-13

Yes, the attack on Benghazi was somehow engineered by the Obama Administration because somehow it was good for them. So if President Obama's not going to be impeached because he tanked the stock market, he will definitely be impeached because of Benghazi. Or actually, you know what? He'll RESIGN because of Benghazi. That would be perfect.
(Plays Audio of Mike Huckabee)
Can't exactly explain how it's going to happen, but I'm pretty sure it's going to happen. It's magic. If you say Benghazi enough, if you teach enough people who only type with the Capslock Key on Twitter to spell BENGHAZI - that "h" is really hard - then eventually President Obama will be impeached. Or he will resign. And then . . . we will get all of our ammunition back and finally get to meet his Gay Husband.
~ Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

I think I see the problem here. You can’t understand why everyone else isn’t as outraged as you, when it is because the rest of us aren’t sure if what you’re saying is true. And to be quite frank, you do have somewhat of a history of hysteria. You may be right, but the denizens of Bullshit Mountain have cried wolf before and after 18 months of intensive investigations you should be able to better state your case.
~ Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, via Raw Story


Hearings Have Started: C-SPAN3

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