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2013 #NRA Convention in Houston, Texas ~ Updated With Videos

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A nine-acre gun show in the middle of a national gun fight.
~ NBC Reporter Gabe Gutierrez on Today, Describing the NRA convention

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Via Media Matters

Last fall, just before the elections... President Obama demanded that his followers extract revenge. I can't remember a president ever publicly using that word against fellow Americans. And revenge is what's motivating the president's unrelenting attacks on gun owners today.
~ James Porter, newly elected NRA President

Let's not fool ourselves - it doesn't mean the war is over. We must never confuse winning a battle with winning a war. We all know that as we meet here our opponents are regrouping, and we know that they'll be back. They are as dedicated today as they've ever been to consigning you and me and all those who believe in the freedoms guaranteed us by these nation's founders to the outer darkness.
~ Outgoing NRA President David Keene

There is also a prayer breakfast at this weekend's conference,presumably to include the NRA's version of the Lord’s Prayer:
Thy kingdom come, help me keep my military-style gun
Give us this day our Daily Dead
and other various phrases like that.
~ Martin Bashir on MSNBC

He can have my prayer breakfast ticket when he pries it from my cold, dead hands!
~ A guy from Dallas named Bob in response to Martin Bashir, quoted by The Daily Mail

It was great to see the president throw a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden . . . where we see tragedy, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg, they see opportunity. While we pray for God to comfort those suffering unimaginable pain, they rush to microphones and cameras, gather in war rooms on Capitol Hill and scheme about how to use that suffering to push their political agenda…That’s who they are and what they believe. They use tragedy to restrict freedom.
~ Chris Cox, Executive Director of the Institute for Legislative Action, Lobbyist for the NRA

There is nothing non-political about the NRA-ILA, and the Leadership Forum functions as much as a rally for NRA members as a beauty pageant for politicians looking to curry favor with one of Washington’s most feared, loathed, and powerful political organizations.
~ The Daily Beast

We must do everything we can to stop violent crime. Everyone here has been horrified by acts of violence by deranged individuals that would take the lives of the innocent among us. And yet, in terms of how you actually stop violent crime, the president is fond of using emotion, and unfortunately disregarding the facts.
~ Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas

(The) media is now the reliable poodle-skirted cheerleader for the president that writes the book on exploiting tragedy,
. . . Now, emotion is a good and a necessary thing. But we have politicians exploiting emotion for their own agenda. We have well-meaning Americans who are desperate to respond.

~ Ex-Gov. of Alaska and VP Candidate, Sarah Palin

Yes, emotion. Such a terrible thing. Particularly in the world of NRA leadership, which is known for its dispassionate, intellectual approach to the gun debate. It doesn’t get more lofty than Wayne LaPierre’s post-Sandy Hook analysis: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”
On Planet NRA, only people who love guns are allowed to act on their emotions. Everybody else, not so much.
~ LA Times

PINCUS: How about putting a quick-access safe in your kids’ room? [...] Good idea or bad idea? We have an emotional pushback to that. Here’s my position on this. If you’re worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in their bedroom with a gun in it, you have bigger problems than home defense. [Laughter]
. . . In the middle of the night, if I’m in the bathroom or getting a glass of water or in the bedroom or watching TV in the living room, if that alarm goes off and the glass breaks and the dog starts barking, what’s the instinct that most people are going to have, in regards to, “am I going to run across the house to get the gun, or am I going to run over here to help the screaming kid?”
And if I’m going to go to the kid anyway, and I have an extra gun and an extra safe, why not put it in their closet?
~ Home Defense "Expert" Ron Pincus Telling Parents to Put a Gun Safe in the Kid's Room

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Imagine living in a large metropolitan area where lawful firearms ownership is heavily regulated and discouraged. Imagine waking up to a phone call from the police, warning that a terrorist event is occurring outside and ordering you to stay inside your home."
I'm talking, of course, about Boston, where residents were imprisoned behind the locked doors of their homes, a terrorist with bombs and guns just outside. Frightened citizens, sheltered in place, with no means to defend themselves or their families from whatever may come crashing through the door.
How many Bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago? How many other Americans now ponder that life-or-death question?
Boston proves it. When brave law enforcement officers did their jobs so courageously, good guys with guns stopped terrorists with guns.

~ NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre


Rick Santorum's Speech - My Partial Transcript, edited
. . . Just this last couple of weeks - You stood up when freedom was under assault and you stood in the gap, you made a difference. I hear this when I travel around the country all the time. 'Rick, this country's changing, things are happening, what can we do?'
You can point to what you just accomplished over these last few months, when the entire tide of the National media and the popular culture was trying to erode a fundamental freedom, you stood tall, as unpopular as it seemed, but you stood for the truth.
You didn't let all of the smoke and mirrors, of trying to hide behind a horrible tragedy, deter you from the truth about who we are as Americans and what will keep America free, safe and prosperous.
. . . This is a critical time in American history. Something big is happening in America.
. . . I want to point to something that Barack Obama said in a private conversation about MY state. It was right before the Pennsylvania Primary in 2008 . . . people in Western PA "clinging to their guns and Bible."
(crowd claps)
President Obama said that as a slap of derision to faithful Christians and believers in the Second Amendment.
He looked down at those folks.
. . . But you folks are Warriors. You're not just Second-Amendment-lovers. You are freedom-lovers all across the board.
. . . They are marginalizing anyone who disagrees with them, making them sound like rubes or nuts or 'extremists.'
The positions that have been the bulwark of American civilization are now 'the fringe.'
Don't let them! You must in every aspect of your life understand the battle that is before us, because they do. You ask what you can do? Be as passionate as they are about what you love about this country.
Imagine this small minority, and that's what they are, and the big change they've been able to make by taking over popular culture and the media and the educational establishment in particular, colleges and universities. They've gone and infiltrated all these elite institutions.
And they try to tell you how 'wrong' you are, how perverted your idea of America is when you stand for the truth, you stand for tradition, you stand for what this country has been to the world which is a beacon of hope.
Do not let them convince you it is lost! Do not let them convince you to be afraid!
Do not let them force you to cower!
Stand for America! Fight for America!
And we will get America back!!!

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