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The Bush Library and Museum in Dallas

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There was a time in my life when I wasn't likely to be found in a library, much less found one.
~ President George W. Bush at the opening of his Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas

. . . the latest, grandest example of the eternal struggle of former presidents to rewrite history.
~ President Bill Clinton at the Library Opening

We've had enough Bushes.
~ George W. Bush's mother, Barbara Bush, on whether her son Jeb should run for President

Disasterpiece Theater . . . the Hard Rock Cafe of catastrophic policy decisions.
~ Jon Stewart on Comedy Central

What a bu!!sh*t rewriting of history. . . . They’re presidents. They’re not King Tut. Why do we have to build a mausoleum?
~ Bill Maher

The Bush Presidential Library is beautiful, and they have a huge section devoted to weapons of mass destruction, but nobody can find it.
~ David Letterman

In President Bush's high school yearbook, he was voted least likely to have a library named after him.
~ Jay Leno

Omission Accomplished
. . . “It looks like a theme park as much as it is a library,” according to Lou Dubose, co-author of “Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush’s America.” Dubose points out the library also includes freedom tower, a freedom plaza, a decision points library, the bullhorn Bush used to talk to first responders from ground zero, and even Saddam Hussein’s pistol.
“It’s kind of a parentheses around one of the greatest foreign policy blunders in our country’s history and they’re pretty shameless about it.”
. . . Dubose describes the “triumphalist narrative” on display at the library as “a neo-con rehash of all the terms that were used to lead the country into war.”
“One would expect a little bit of a modesty from a president who has presided over that sort of failure,” he said. “And from a president who’s competing in the bottom ten in terms of presidential rankings that are done by legitimate historians.”

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From Obama's Comedy Speech at White House
Correspondent's Dinner

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