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GOP Has Crazy Time Over Boston Bombing

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(picture via TN State Senator Stacey Campfield)

Here Comes Feinstein Again

~ Title of a blog post by Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield containing the above picture and implying that Senator Dianne Feinstein should ban pressure cookers along with assault rifles

Inappropriate? Me? Never!
I Just got a call from the media saying they had gotten a few calls (about a blog post I did) saying it was inappropriate after the Boston bombing.
If my post was inappropriate talking about "crock pot control" then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im sorry if I exposed your double standard....
Well, not really.
~ Tenn. State Sen. Campfield responding to media questions about why he posted a tasteless picture of a pressure cooker on his previous blog post


Deleted Tweets by Fox News Employee Eric Rush on Day of Boston Bombing
"Kill The Muslims"

 photo RushBostonTweet.jpg


Note, due to throat injuries, the suspect is unable to speak, and can only write answers to interrogators. So no, waterboarding wouldn't help too much.


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Saudi Conspiracy Theory:

Background points:
Via The Blaze
  • A Saudi national originally identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing was set to be deported under section 212 3B — “Security and related grounds” — “Terrorist activities” after the bombing
  • As the story gained traction, TheBlaze’s Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood received word that the government may not deport the Saudi national, originally identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi
  • Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions on the subject when confronted by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Capitol Hill.
  • An ICE official said a different Saudi national is in custody, but is “in no way” connected to the bombings.
  • A congressional source, however, says that the file on Alharbi was created, that he was “linked” in some way to the Boston bombings (though it is unclear how), and that documents showing all this have been sent to Congress.

Glenn Beck on his Radio Show, via Right-Wing Watch, My Transcription
I believe this man in the hospital, his mission was to recruit fighters that are already in the country. That way they can't be tracked crossing international borders. Once he recruits, then he can fund and provide the go-order when the time came. These two that were captured and killed on Friday would have been easy targets for an Al Quaeda recruiter. Hailing from Chechnya, being Muslims themselves, they would have been sympathetic.
During the first Chechnyan War Al Qaeda set up several training camps in 1994. They were funded, what a surprise, by charities run by Saudi Arabia.
The Al Qaeda links are too much to ignore here. Alharbi would have jumped at it. Someone needs to find the connection between these three.
I would start maybe with the Mosques and the social media connections and the hang-out spots.
But I don't expect anybody outside of our audience and bloggers who want to tell the truth to actually take the time.
May I suggest before absolutely everything is wiped clean (if it isn't all ready) that we start looking at social media connections . . .
. . . What are the odds that a guy who has a 212-3b just happens to be at the finish line of the Boston Marathon cheering for his favorite Kenyan runner? And so excited, and then - just, oh, he was trying so hard to keep himself clean and BOOM! the bomb goes off! What an odd odd thing. And I can see why Janet Napolitano and this Administration would have a hard time explaining it.


I don’t care if she knew about this. She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab (veil).
. . . This immigration policy of us assimilating immigrants into our culture isn’t really working. They’re assimilating us into their culture. Did she get a clitorectomy too?

~ Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Show getting very personal about the American wife of Tamerlan Tsnarnaev, who probably has nothing to do with the Boston Bombing



(Again - throat wound, can't speak anyway)

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