Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conservative Women Rush to be Rush Babes


Rush Babes for America (a.k.a. The National Organization for Rush Babes) is a Facebook Page dedicated to the millions of conservative women who know what they believe in: family, American Values, and not being told by Faux Feminist Groups how to think.
If you want to be a Rush Babe, join us by pressing the "Like" button on the top right of this page!
~ From Rush Limbaugh's New Facebook Group Rush Babes for America

“I happen to know the women in this audience in total number dwarf the membership of the National Organization for Women, and yet there they are teaming up with Media Matters, a combined program designed to convince everybody I should be taken off the air. Well, what about the women who listen to this program? What about the women who like this program? What about the women who believe in this program? What about the women who agree with the political concepts, the values, the objectives as stated by your host on this program? What of them, what of all of you women who seemingly don’t exist to the media, to the National Organization for Women. There are many, many more of you than there are of them. And Rush Babes for America at Facebook is where you go to be officially counted and tabulated and to make a difference.” 
~ Rush Limbaugh quoted by

“I don’t think conservative women want to associate themselves with his hate. I don’t think they would want to associate themselves with his bullying. I don’t think conservative women would want to associate themselves with his vitriolic attacks.
~ NOW president Terry O’Neill quoted Here

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s latest jab at the National Organization for Women has attracted more Facebook “likes” in 24 hours than NOW’s main page has collected in a little under four years.
~ The Daily Caller

Rush Babes for Rude Dudes! Come forward all you self-loathing women!
~ comment by JVG on Slate

"Unleash the Rush Babes"
~ Headline on ABC News

No doubt the group name he originally wanted to use was "Rush Babes Gone Wild" but the lawyers told him he'd have trademark problems.
~ comment by Take Cover on Slate

 Cripes. Talk about trying to put out a fire by pouring kerosene on it. 
~ comment by missroserose on Slate

 Limbaugh has labeled dozens of women "babe," ranging from Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan ("this babe is hot for socialism") to numerous female reporters and TV news anchors to the women who accused former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment ("sexual harassment babes"). His kneejerk use of the "babe" label led to Limbaugh making a fool of himself in 2010 when he called male reporter Sasha Abramsky a "stupid babe."
~ Media Matters for America - link includes a list of 61 women labeled "babe" by Rush Limbaugh

That bumper sticker of his?  Reminds me of the mudflaps on 18-wheelers.
Linda Carbonell on LezGetReal Blog


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