Friday, May 11, 2012

Tamron Hall Puts Kibosh on Ranting Repug


MSNBC Host Tamron Hall invited Washington Examiner Columnist Tim Carney onto her show to talk about the disturbing allegations that Mitt Romney bullied and attacked a gay student with scissors while attending Michigan's posh Cranbrook School in the 1960s. Details were published in the Washington Post yesterday.

A heated brouhaha ensued when Carney attacked Hall and the rest of the "tricky media" for creating "meta" instead of news.

What you're doing here is a typical media trick. You hype up a story and then you justify the second-day coverage of the story by saying, oh, well people are talking about it.
. . . You are bringing up a meta story here, which is what is Romney’s response to this other nonstory? I’m trying to go ‘meta meta’ on you and say here’s the media treatment of the Romney response.
~ Tim Carney, Conservative Washington Examiner Columnist, to Tamron Hall of MSNBC, quoted via The Daily Caller.

Hang on, because you’re kind of in my house here. The problem is this: The story is out there. You’re right. I am not saying that we should belabor what happened 50 years ago. We’re talking about the response by the campaign and by the governor. Not just on this issue. . . . You're not gonna come on and insult me, you're not gonna come on and insult the network when you knew what we were gonna talk about . . . Done.
~ Tamron Hall, before pulling the plug on the microphone of Tim Carney, quoted on Huffington Post

I'd shout, too, if every conservative guest I had on my (non-existent) show spent the entire time complaining about how my questions were just a liberal plot against the USA.
~ comment by Andrea Dickson on Atlantic

He refused to go beyond his talking points and Tamron called him on it...FANTASTIC! It may be uncomfortable to watch, but it's time that we expect more from the candidate's surrogates. He did NOT answer the question, but did the usual deflect and come back around to attack the person asking the question. I guess he hit the "lame stream" media when it wasn't so fought back.
~ comment by Missouri Moderate on Huff Post

Tamron Hall needs to be moderating the presidential debates.
~ comment by simsum

Wow. A journalist actually asking questions and demanding they be answered. Imagine that!!
~ comment by Re-thinkit

This twit wasn't smart enough to know that she would get a dissenting opinion? That's what's called "losing one's cool." If she's lucky, on the way down the drain, maybe she'll snag a job at "Current TV."
~ comment by Realist4U on Daily Caller

He knew what the questions were in advance and tried to change the subject. She gave him a good old all American ass-whoopin. Plus, she's hot as hell:-)
~ comment by AssWhooped on Daily Caller, in response to Realist4U

Typical token BLACK journalist! If it weren't Obama as President, Tamron Hall won't even be in local news reporting.
~ comment by racist named W. javier on Daily Caller

Well, he was already trying to go meta meta, so cutting off his mic forces him to step up his game and go meta meta meta. :-)
~ comment by quillsinister on Daily Kos

TAMRON [tam•ron] verb. To unquestionably snatch control of a situation.
~ comment by Daryl Champion on ThinkProgress

Next up: a concerted snivel fest from Fox, Limbaugh, etc about "mean" "liberal" Tamron, complete with racist and misogynistic attacks on the various comments pages. Hang tough, Tamron, you did a great job today and you have nothing to back down from.
~ comment by Michael Tuck on Think Progress

Tamron Hall is a BEAST. That smackdown was golden!
~ comment by nekola413 on TP

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