Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook ~ Sorry, Suckers! I mean, Zuckers!


Facebook Shows There's a Sucker Born Every Minute
~ Headline on Wall Street Journal

It’s the biggest pump-and-dump in history.
~ Francis Gaskins, president of the IPO research site, on New York Daily News

In one of the biggest IPOs in history, in which a huge amount of stock was sold to small investors, privileged Wall Street insiders once again got much better information than individuals did.
~ From MSNBC "The Inside Story of Facebook's IPO"

...there’s something unseemly about customers complaining at a gambling table that the game was rigged against them....Unfortunately, you can’t sue people for being suckers or greedy. You’ll note these people never sue when their investments go up.
~ WSJ Marketwatch OP-ED called "You Can Sue Facebook, but Why Did You Buy?

Nasdaq messed up Facebook's IPO, and now Facebook is totally going to show them by taking its stock away from Nasdaq and hooking up with Nasdaq's frenemy, the New York Stock Exchange.
That is the latest gossip from the world of Facebook, whose stock today managed to dead-cat bounce by more than 3 percent to exactly $32.
~ Huff Post Article "Facebook is Totally Dumping Nasdaq" - Sorry to hear that your Facebook stock is now as worthless as your Facebook posts.

Facebook: What you have when you put lipstick on MySpace.
~ Comment by Aerobat on Huffington Post

I understand that the FB shareholders are planning to rename their company, CHAGRIN, and to discuss their 'issues' on the new social/legal networking site, FACEOFF.
~ comment by awenshok on BusinessWeek

I would buy a ton of it. Because Facebook is the king of backlash. It takes a whipping and keeps on gripping. Us all. Try as we might we can never break the bonds that our Facebook masters have us all captive in. This is the dirty secret that they, and us, all know. They can force us into a timeline. We will revolt, but then learn to tow it. They can take away our protections. We will complain, but then learn to cope. They can sell all our information. We will freak out, then give them some more. They've got us all by the walls.
And we're not going anywhere. All 900 million of us and growing. We can bitch, we can moan, but we're still going to post. Facebook is like an awful party that we all already went to and have been standing in the corner of for the last 6 years...
~ Gavin Shulman on Huff Post Comedy

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