Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bundy Militia Invades Oregon

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One of the offspring of Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy has invaded eastern Oregon to defend a couple of ranchers who set a fire and burned up some public land. Actually, the two ranchers (named Hammond) have surrendered to Federal prison for the next five years, but that didn't stop Ammon Bundy. No, he and some other militia nuts took over the office of a biologist at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and have said they will not leave until their demands are met. They are demanding that the Federal Government "back off" and give all the public land to the ranchers for their cattle. Oh, and they want the Federal Government to stop enforcing inconvenient laws, like no arson and no overgrazing. Stuff like that.

Twitter has been on overdrive, labeling this group #YallQuaeda #WhiteISIS #YokelHaram #Cowliphate

Also see below for #tarpman and #BundySnackMovieTitles

Given the 5th grade education of Bundy and his pals, and their lack of knowledge about government, it's pretty much been a clown show from the beginning. Even the townspeople in nearby Burns, Oregon, some of whom are sympathetic to the Bundys and Hammonds, still want the militia to leave. The local Sheriff has met with Bundy and asked him politely to pack up and leave, but he refused - because he's just not that smart. While the FBI and Bureau of Land Management have taken a hands-off approach so far, I doubt this will last too much longer.

Meanwhile, please send snacks to the Bundy Militia because gosh darn golly-gee, they remembered the guns but forgot the food!

From the New York Times: "Crackpots in Cowboy Hats"
The leader, Ammon Bundy, is the son of Cliven Bundy, the deadbeat rancher and Fox News hero who still owes more than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees. The elder Bundy says he doesn’t recognize the government. The younger Bundy recognized it enough to get a federal loan guarantee for his fleet repair business in the rugged sprawl of Phoenix.
Ammon Bundy says God drove him to break into the offices of an agency that works on behalf of pileated woodpeckers, yellow warblers and other avian wonders. Bundy’s not leaving, he says, until land that we own — that is, every American citizen — is taken from us and given to some unnamed private entity.
Yes, it’s comical — white privilege mixed with a “Hee Haw” parody. The only thing Bundy and his fellow burglars have accomplished thus far is to leave behind enough evidence for prosecutors to file numerous criminal charges against them.

From Oregon Live
(Sheriff) Ward was accompanied to the remote location by Sheriffs Brian Wolfe of Malheur County and Andy Long of Tillamook County as well three rigs carrying heavily armed law enforcement officers.
Ward met Bundy on the side of Lava Bed Road, a handful of media surrounding the men. Bundy was accompanied by Ryan Payne, a self-styled militiaman from Montana.
Ward explained he was there to resolve the standoff. He said he didn't want anyone to get hurt.
"We need to find a peaceful resolution and get you guys out of here," he said.
Bundy, wearing his trademark cowboy hat, told Ward, "We mean no harm to anybody."
Bundy went into his oft-repeated comments about why the militants had arrived to take over the refuge.
"We're here for the people of Harney County," he said. "We're here because people were being ignored." He said citizens have complained over and over about federal land-use issues.
"Yet, sheriff, you would not address those concerns," Bundy said. "We're getting ignored again."
Ward replied, "I didn't come here to argue."

Town Hall Meeting:

Local Paiute Tribe Speaks Out

Tarp Man

Please Send Snacks!

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