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While Conservatives Howl, Gay Marriage Happens in Kentucky

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Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis went to jail yesterday for refusing to hand out marriage licenses to gay couples, but today was a new day in Rowan County. The deputy clerks stepped up and did their jobs, leaving religious conservatives with nothing to do but howl.

From NPR via WFPL:
...Yates and Smith walked up to Deputy Clerk Brian Mason.
Mason was all business. He checked their licenses, asked them if they were related, took their $35 and, in about five minutes, handed them an envelope and said, "Congratulations."
Yates and Smith had become the first same-sex couple to receive a marriage license from Rowan County.
They exited to chants of "Love has won. Love has won."
"I don't want her in jail," Yates said of Davis. "No one wanted her in jail. We just wanted the licenses given out. This isn't a blessing. It's an official license."

Clerk Kim Davis's attorney, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver, immediately announced that any new licenses are invalid. Of course, he is wrong, since Judge Dunning ordered her under deputies to get back to work or face contempt charges themselves.

“They are not being issued under the authority of Rowan County and they’re not worth the paper that they’re written on,” said Mat Staver, chair of Liberty Counsel, the non-profit law firm that is representing Davis.
Sam Marcosson, a law professor for the University of Louisville, said the marriage licenses are valid because Davis had no authority to stop issuing them in the first place.
“Since she’s acting contrary to her legal duties and without authority any actions she would take to block the marriage licenses would be invalid,” he said.

Oh, the bitching and moaning of the religious right - starting with Davis's attorney, who blew up at Chris Hayes for asking hard questions when all he really wanted to do is bash gay marriage:

Hayes: Mr. Staver, how is the fundraising going?

Staver: Why don't you ask the ACLU?

Hayes: They're not standing in front of me but I'd be happy to. I think they're doing quite well.

Staver: But you never asked that question of the ACLU. Why don't you ask that of the ACLU? Why don't you ask the people who represented O.J. Simpson, where they were getting their money?

Hayes: Mr. Staver --

Staver: It's absolutely irrelevant to the issue-- the issue is--

Hayes: Mr. Staver -- The issue is there's a woman in prison--

Staver: --accommodate her religious conscience and religious freedom. You may not want to address that, but--

Hayes: Mr. Staver, there are allies of yours - they think you're taking Kim Davis for a ride and basically raising money off her plight. So I'm just asking you the question. How are you doing on fundraising this week?

Staver: Anyone who asks that question does not know Kim Davis. Kim Davis has a strong conviction and conscience--

Hayes: OK

Staver: --She contacted us for representation. We are representing her. I can tell you we are putting a whole lot more money into the cost and expenses than we would ever get from this case. This was never about fundraising. It's conscience. If you can't get that simple idea that we've got freedom of religion and conscience rights. And the question is not whether she's sincere, not whether there's a collusion, but is there a reasonable way to accommodate her--

Hayes: No, no, the question is--

Staver: The answer is, yes there is.

Hayes: No, the question is, with all due respect, the question is - is there a limiting condition? You failed to give me one. Mr. Staver, thank you very much.

Staver: No, the question is--

Hayes: And very good luck--

Staver: whether they can--

Hayes: Thank you for joining us.

National Review:

LOL - Kim Davis's husband calls the judge a "butt."

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Rand Paul:

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Ben Shapiro of Breitbart (needs translation)

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