Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wingnuts in Uproar Over Denali Name Change

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Proving once again that wingnuts will despise ANYTHING President Obama does, the wingnuts went even more nuts than usual when the name of Mt. McKinley in Alaska was changed back to the Native name of "Denali."

Via National Geographic
What's in a name? For the tallest mountain in North America, plenty. On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell signed an order officially changing the name of the 20,320-foot (6,194-meter) peak in Alaska from Mount McKinley to Denali.
“With our own sense of reverence for this place, we are officially renaming the mountain Denali in recognition of the traditions of Alaska Natives and the strong support of the people of Alaska,” Jewell said in a statement.
Denali, the peak's traditional name in the local Koyukon Athabascan language, means "the great one."

Breitbart called it a "Teachable Moment in Tyranny" even while admitting that most Alaskans wanted the change. But . . . but . . . Obama, that tyrannical Kenyan!!!!!!
Alaskans, and millions who love Alaska, support changing the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali. And that is exactly why President Barack Obama’s unilateral decision to change the name is so wrong.
When we allow leaders to bend the rules for popular policies, we create bad precedents for them to bend the rules for unpopular ones. The name ought to have been changed through a legislative compromise, or a consultative administrative process–not by fiat.
. . . Instead, Obama acted out of sheer vanity, timing the name change with his Alaskan visit.

Donald Trump vowed to change it back, of course, hahaha. More likely he will name it for himself. Trump Mountain. Trump Highest Peak in North America.

The reason Trump says it is an "insult to Ohio" is that President McKinley was from Ohio. So of course, the Ohio wingnuts went berserk, including Senators Boehner and Portman:

Portman was wrong about the assassination of McKinley. According to Talking Points Memo, the mountain was officially named several years before McKinley died.

Bob Cesca pointed out on Salon:
• The Alaska Geographic Board has actually used “Denali” as Alaska’s official name for the mountain since 1975.
• The National Park that includes Denali has been known as “Denali National Park and Preserve” since 1980.
. . . Sarah Palin, of all people, referred to the mountain as Denali in her 2009 farewell address after resigning halfway through her first term as governor.

Yes, Sarah Palin called the mountain Denali, but her daughter Bristol wasn't paying attention (probably as usual). I thought Todd Palin had Inuit ancestors?

From Wonkette:
Well finally that Alaskan idiot — no, not Sarah, but her spawn Bristol ...has weighed in, and ...what the hell is she even talking about?

President Obama is taking a trip to the Alaskan Arctic.
I wish we could add up how much this trip costs the tax payers dollars……….. They probably had to BARGE limousines here!!!!!!! They rented out an entire TOWER at our nicest hotel here? A TOWER!!!!!!!!!!
Is her mother ghostwriting for her, or did Bristol just write this drunk? Did they really have to BARGE limousines here!!!!!! To a TOWER!!!!!!!!! At our nicest hotel here? All right, cut the semi-literate shit, let’s get to the good stuff:
By the way, no one is buying the “Denali is what the Alaskans have called it for years” line. I’ve never called the mountain Denali .. and neither does anyone I know …
It’s Mt. Mckinley … It always has been and always will be to most of us… What a waste..
Look, here is your mommy, on video, quitting her job and saying “Denali” ... “Denali, The Great One, soaring under the midnight sun,” Sarah Palin says, right around the 1:25 mark. Did that sound like “Mt. McKinley” to you, Bristol?

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