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GOP Crazies Try to Help Netanyahu on Election Day ~ UPDATE: He Won!

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been struggling at the last minute to win election in his country. The way our Rightwing Nutjobs have been supporting him, you would think he was running for President of the U.S. Some might say our Congress is to blame for his last-minute dip in the election polls - after all, John Boehner and the Tea Party encouraged his warmongering Speech in the House of Representatives, and right after that we had "Tehran" Tom Cotton's Letter to Iran by 47 Senators (hashtag #47Traitors).

And now Israel's Election Day is here, and a few GOP crazies have come out of the woodwork to support their friend Bibi, who after all, will be in charge of Armageddon someday, which is why the Republican Right supports Israel in the first place. Just ignore the Biblical Prophecy that it is Israel that will fail so Jesus can return. Or something like that. Anyway, until the Onward Christian Soldiers crowd takes over Israel after the apocalypse, they are fine with a nice warmonger like Bibi running the place.

UPDATE: Netanyahu has WON the election, but it was a close call. However, Bibi wasted no time in declaring himself a clear winner, just as our GOP calls it a "mandate" when someone squeaks by.

And Israel still has to figure out how to create a governing body in the aftermath with their various parties and complicated Knesset. So good luck with that.

From CNN
Netanyahu's Likud party has at least 29 seats in the 120 seat Knesset, Haaretz reported. It said main rival Zionist Union has 24 seats.
Millions of Israelis cast ballots to determine their party's next leader and the make up of parliament.
The incumbent claimed victory ahead of a final count.
"Against all odds, we achieved this huge victory," Netanyahu told cheering supporters. "Now we should form a strong and stable government that will be able to take care of the security, safety and welfare of each and every citizen of Israel."
The Zionist Union hit back, accusing the Likud party of misleading.
"The rightist bloc has shrunk. Everything is possible until the real results are in, when we can know which parties passed the electoral threshold and which government we can form," it said in a statement. "All the spins and statements are premature."
Official results are not expected until next week, and the process of building coalitions could take much longer.

And now Bibi is talking Unity! Hooray!


Pre-Election Stories and Comments Below:

When Netanyahu started sinking in the polls last week, first he freaked out, then he started blaming everybody in the world. Yeah, because we all vote in the Israeli elections, right? Was anyone you know polled about their vote in Israel's elections? But still - it's a Left Wing Plot!

Via Global Post
As election day on March 17 draws near the term “Bibi fatigue” is increasingly appearing in the media.
Critics accuse him of being power hungry, lacking vision and failing to address the economic concerns of young Israelis who have long been critical of his tunnel vision focusing on security that has led to thousands being spent on wars while they find themselves unable to find jobs or buy houses.
On March 7, around 40,000 demonstrators gathered to protest Netanyahu.
Netanyahu himself has publicly blamed a global leftist conspiracy.
"There is a huge international effort, with major money, that is partnering up with leftist organizations here and also with media figures in order to bring down the Likud government that I head," Netanyahu said on Channel 2 television on Saturday.

Then on election eve, Bibi vowed that he would never recognize the Palestinian State! It's so good to appeal to the worst haters in your country to get them to vote. Our Republicans do that all the time. Nice dog whistle there, Mr. Bibi.

Ultra-conservative actor Jon Voight thinks it will help Netanyahu to say that President Obama hates Israel and just wants to control it. Gee, I wish the President could control his own Congress before taking on Israel, too. But never mind - don't expect this stuff to make sense! Blame Obama!

Then another actor, Chuck Norris, Mr. Tough Guy himself, made a heartfelt plea - with a plug for one of his movies made in Israel! Never miss an opportunity to kick some self-promotional ass, Mr. Norris!

Wow, that's desperation
Has Bibi always been this paranoid?
And who is Bibi of Washington to complain about foreign leaders interfering in another country's affairs?
~ Jack Rabbit on Democratic Underground

all his key words are similar to a rove-republican campaign
~ Sunlei on Democratic Underground

Now that (Jon Voight's) face has gotten all puffy and he has no career anymore, I guess there's nothing for him but to be a troll.
~ Krusher on Talking Points Memo

Oh Yeah?
I heard that Jeb Bush doesn't love Liechtenstein, Rand Paul has no use for Haiti and Scott Walker hates a lot of Cheeseheads and is secretly a Bears fan.
~ Blue_Grit on Talking Points Memo

Riiiiiiight. Netanyahu makes a side deal with the Rs, comes here and makes a complete fool of himself--oh, and just like every wingnut head-of-state on the planet in living memory, effs up his country's economy right down to the ground . . . and it's President Obama's fault.
~ MollyNYC on Talking Points Memo

The only thing missing is Clint Eastwood talking to a matzoh ball.
~ Tasherbean on Salon

Christian conservatives have gone from being plucky weirdos about Israel to full-blown creepy obsessives. They'd sooner put Israel's interests ahead of American interests, which is absolutely breathtaking...and rather offensive.
~ indyotto on Salon

I liked Chuck Norris in the early and mid-1990s. He was into Zen Buddhism and dated cool women like Beverly Johnson.
Then Chuck married a fanatical Christian and he jumped onto HER bandwagon. Suddenly, Chuck and his new wife were on TV, preaching that the Bible should be taught in public schools, along with prayer. More recently, he and the wife did a video pathetically claiming we would have "2000 years of darkness" if Obama was re-elected President.
Really, Chuck-----you were cool once (long ago) but now you're just another Huckabee-loving nut job.
There's nothing more obnoxious than a "reformed sinner."
I wonder what Chuck's first wife---and grown children---think of his bizarre "Godliness" and hypocrisy.
~ Los Angeles girl on Salon

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