Sunday, March 1, 2015

Derp Dynasty ~ Phil Robertson at CPAC 2015

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I'm beginning to think Papa Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty fame, hates everyone. Not content to just put blacks and gays and women in their "place," now he's picking on hippies and beatniks, too. And that just ain't right since his whole "look" with the beard and the headband seems to harken back to his own youthful hippie days in the swamp. Just saying.

The Paterfamilias of Ducks Die-nasty made quite a swampy splash at CPAC 2015, warning conservatives about them venereal diseases and the dangers of John Boehner not wearing enough camo to Congress. He also waved around a Bible that was literally duck-taped together, while pointing out how Godless the world is.

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