Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dumkopf Steve King Slams American Jews

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Dumkopf Steve King of Iowa is an expert on Jews now. Like criminal cowman Cliven Bundy, who wanted to "tell us something about The Negro," King wants to "Tell us something about The Jew in 'Merica." Because he's such an expert on that, right? I guess his pal Michele Bachmann 'splained it all to him because she is a Biblical scholar. Not.

From Talking Points Memo
King's initial comments came after Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu delivered a speech to members of Congress, which many Democrats skipped. King says skipping the speech showed they're "knee-jerk" supporters of Obama.
"It says this, they're knee-jerk supporters of the President's policy," King said. "The President's policies throughout the Middle East have been a disaster. I would say to them, 'Name a country with which we have better relations today than we had when Barack Obama took office.' And I gave that in speeches for about six weeks until some lag stood up and said, 'I can name you two, they are Cuba and Iran.'"

From Washington Post
“Here is what I don’t understand, I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their president,” he said. That analysis came during a conversation about the more than 50 congressional Democrats who skipped Benjamin Netanyahu’s Capitol Hill speech in early March.

Rep. Steve Israel of New York didn't care for King's appraisal of American Jews:

From Crooks and Liars
Rep. Israel then took that same complaint to CNN's State of the Union, where he ripped King for those comments. After first noting that he escorted Bibi Netanyahu in and out of the Congressional chamber when Netanyahu addressed Congress, he let King have it.
"I really do not need lessons from people like Steve King on what it is to be Jewish, or a Democrat." Israel continued, "You know, Steve King, who said America is a Christian nation, should not be lecturing Jews on how we should be Jewish."
Israel also went on to point out that King lecturing Jews on how to be Jewish is chutzpah.

King then slammed Steve Israel on Twitter:

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