Monday, November 12, 2012

The Trouble with the Tea Party


It was the GOP that first roused the radical, far-right Teabagger rabble - and it now looks like Rove & Co. have got *quite* a tiger by the tail.
On the plus side, psychology majors will have PLENTY of material for papers for years to come...
~ comment by BadKitty904 on Wonkette

When the enemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt them. I hope the Repubs follow through and go even further to the right. Move to caves or compounds in far off lands; there to whither and die. The rest of us can get on with the 21st century.
~ comment by GeorgiaBurning on Wonkette

If another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue. The college-age daughters of many of my friends voted for Obama because they were completely turned off by Neanderthal comments like the suggestion of 'legitimate rape.'"
~ Former Bush adviser Karen Hughes via Politicalwire

The tea party must in essence become a coffee klatch if it is to serve the conservative, limited-government movement and help select winning candidates.
What does that mean in practice? It means expanding the party, not hectoring the GOP.
~ Jennifer Rubin on Washington Post

The Republican Party has been a willing safe harbor for bullies with antipathy toward nonwhites and for provocateurs with arcane attitudes toward women.
They’ve been allowed to exist prominently in the party for the political expediency of their energy and the currency of their votes. But their presence has ignited a sort of Republican-phobia among the emerging voting blocs that the GOP should be targeting.
~ Robert J. Vickers on Pennsylvania Patriot News

They are like a buggy whip factory , Sure we still need a few for Harness Racing etc. , But the demand is way down...The Nixon-Reagan-Bush-Bush Age Is OVER...If they try to drag Supply Side out from under the bus one more time , I'll bust a gut laughing at the dunces...If they run Rubio , We run Castro...Check Mate....The Mighty Clinton MACHINE CLEANED THEIR CLOCKS "Twice" , And In 2007 Barack Beat The Champs , Then He Hired The Smart One , And Then Enlisted The Glib One.. The Post CIVIL RIGHTS Passage Republican Era Is Just Over...Now , We Stand Poised On The Cusp Of A Renewal , Just Like After All Other "DARK AGES" , Prepare For The GREAT AMERICAN "RENAISSANCE" !~
~ comment by John Allison on Esquire

Romney and Tea Party loonies dismissed half the country as chattel and moochers who did not belong in their 'traditional' America. But the more they insulted the president with birther cracks, the more they tried to force chastity belts on women, and the more they made Hispanics, blacks and gays feel like the help, the more these groups burned to prove that, knitted together, they could give the dead-enders of white male domination the boot. The election about the economy also sounded the death knell for the Republican culture wars.
~ Maureen Dowd via JoeMyGod

I think the tea party is going to have to look at itself. It’s been so helpful to the Republican Party in the past. It saved it by not going third party in 2010, helping the Republicans sweep the House. But the tea party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean towards them and say, ‘I want to listen to you.’ I think a friendly persuasion has to begin now from the Republican Party to people of the United States.
~ Peggy Noonan on CBS Face the Nation

If the GOP starts kicking all its fruits, nuts and flakes to the curb, there will be nothing left but an empty cereal box and a cheap-jack bonus prize you can't even pawn off on your little brother. Cheesy grits are starting to sound pretty good.
~ comment by cue13 on Washington Post

I've been reading the rightwing blogs.
I've read that the president is a foreigner, a socialist, a secret muslim, a gun-runner, and guilty of treason.
I've read that Obama supporters are getting generous welfare checks and gucci purses.
I've read that Obama is slashing our military and leaving us sitting ducks for muslim terrorists.
I've read racist, bigoted, jingoistic, xenophobic paranoia from the right.
I'm glad that isn't winning elections anymore. I've been waiting a long time.
~ comment by Anon777777 on Washington Post

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