Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashes of Truth from the Right


A lot of us here on these pages do not yet get it. The demographics have changed. They outnumber us now. As Phil Graham, the old Texas Senator, use to say, and I paraphrase, "There are more people in wagon than there are pulling the wagon." And it's not going to change back anytime soon.
~ lasvegaslou in Lucianne

A country where secularism is on the rise, where gay marriage continues its slow ascent, where recreational(!) pot has been approved in a large state, is not a conservative nation.
~ comment by Dio444 on Lucianne

We got our "education", #1. The GOP is a Loser. It's time for a new party. Country-clubbers and Wall-Streeters need not apply. You are Losers.
~ comment by dman on Lucianne

Romney's campaign was based entirely on the premise that the economy is in shambles. But the fact is, the economy has been building; slowly, but building, for at least the last year. And our side chose to dismiss the facts as lies by the bureau of labor and statistics, even though there was no evidence of that.
~ comment by virbots on Lucianne

Demographic charts and graphs do not lie. It is no coincidence that Bush worked much harder than McCain or Romney to connect with Latinos, Bush got a much higher % of their votes, and Bush won two terms as President. Now here we are. Did anyone else notice, the crowd at Romney's concession speech is nearly ALL white people? I mean very close to 100% white. This is what cannot stay unchanged if we want victory in the America of 2016, 2020, 2024.
~ comment by forward on Lucianne

Republicans had everything going for them. A horrible economy. A weak incumbent. Motivated voters. Now it’s time for the GOP to face reality and clean house. They need a new message, and new messengers.
Republicans and Mitt Romney have only themselves to blame for their staggering defeat. It wasn’t Sandy’s fault, Candy Crowley’s fault or Chris Christie’s fault.
There are some glaring reasons why President Obama won re-election. Now GOP leaders have to learn the lessons from this debacle.
The biggest issue the party faces is winning back women. GOP candidates once again lost big among female voters, and that’s a big problem. Just ask defeated U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, who got destroyed by largely false Democratic attacks portraying his voting record as anti-woman.
. . . And many Republicans may not want to hear this, but promising to kick all illegal immigrants out of the country and build fences on the border is not the way to win national elections.
. . . Newt, Donald Trump, Karl Rove, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum all need to step aside. It’s time to put a new face on the GOP.
~ Joe Battenfield on Boston Herald

Folks, running from reality won't help here, even though it will make us feel better. A different candidate would've been tantamount to a different chair on the Titanic. Mitt expressed big Republican ideas in crystal clear fashion-- anybody paying even a little attention got the differences between the two candidates and their respective parties. People listened, and the majority agreed with them. It hurts, but the truth is that conservative ideas lost.
~ comment by Lester2 on Red State

The problem is, Republicans lost the personal freedom argument when Santorum, Akin, Ryan, etc., advocated no abortion exception in the case of rape or incest. I overheard a debate the day after the election -- a 70-ish man was complaining that Obamacare meant the government would tell him what snacks he could put in his vending machines. His adult daughter retorted that forcing her to bear a rapist's child was "a slightly larger inconvenience."
~ comment by amiblu on Red State

Alas, we didnt even beat Obama on the economy, because while we got people to agree with "It's bad out there" (not a hard sell) we failed to rebut the "It's Bush's fault" meme.
~ comment by Freedom's Truth on Red State

For what it's worth, I think a lot of those 3 million Republicans did show up at the polls. They just identify themselves as Independent/Tea Party now.
~ comment by jack m on Red State

What about white voters? If the GOP is the white people’s party, why in the state of Maine only 40 percent of whites voted for Romney; in Vermont, only 33 percent. The same holds true in MA. You can’t explain Romney’s losses in states with large white populations and small numbers of minorities.
~ comment by kabar on Free Republic

Obama went into the first debate thinking (in his mind, knowing) that he was way ahead, could coast to victory, and all he had to do was be "likeable" by not being too "mean" to Romney. And he came out and was trounced in the debate.
Flash forward to the third debate. Romney went into it thinking (in his mind, knowing) that he was way ahead. And yet, even after seeing Obama's performance in similar circumstances, Romney still thought he could coast to victory, and all he had to do was be "likeable" by not being too "mean" to Obama.
~ comment by Conscience of a Conservative on Free Republic

. . . we got Mitt because tea party conservatives, during the primaries, kept splitting their votes among Bachman, Newt and Santorum. Cain imploded on his own. Perry was a fool to even try.
~ comment by Fledermaus on Free Republic

Too many purists who would reject a half-full glass of conservatism lite even if it means getting an overflowing glass of marxist tyranny.
They couldn’t vote for Romney because he was a MORMON. I have never met a Mormon who wasn’t a patriotic American (except hairy reid of course). Yes they have some strange religious ideas but objectively, what religion doesn’t?
~ comment by 43North on Free Republic

Bitter internal fighting within conservative & GOP alliance cost the election.
~ comment by granada on Free Republic

People ... if we want to win the Senate we need to avoid nominating individuals who fit the negative stereotypes that define the Left’s description of Conservatives. Todd Akin may be a good man and may share the right values but he was an incredibly weak (and not too bright) candidate. We gave this one away!!
~ comment by EagleinGA on Free Republic

I hope that the anti-Romney folks are happy with themselves.
It's obvious what happened here; the evangelicals and "no compromise" folks didn't turn out. Romney got fewer votes than McCain. All of the freepers who threatened not to come out carried through on their threat, and they gave away the Senate right along with it.
Thanks for making sure ObamaCare is here to stay.
~ comment by GunRunner on Free Republic

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