Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump Triumphant So Far

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Donald Trump can't get over himself, and his followers apparently can't get enough of him either. In spite of hopes from both Dems and Republicans that Trump would get tired of parading around as American's next white hope, he has become the nearly undisputed GOP front runner in the Republican Primary for President of the United States. He won the South Carolina Primary last Tuesday, and easily scooped another win in Nevada.

Meanwhile, little Marco Rubio keeps insisting that his second or third place ties with Ted Cruz are actually wins, and that the longer he stays in the race, the more likely he is to accidentally win something. Or something.

Cruz is just crestfallen that his God has forgotten to anoint him King of Merica yet.

Kasich is hanging on by a slim thread of who-knows-what, and doing embarrassing non-Moderate things like banning funding for Planned Parenthood in Ohio, and saying that women "left the kitchen" to vote for him in SC.

Rebublicans and Fox News are starting to panic at what a train-wreck their Primary Convention is going to be, with low-spending rogue Trump slamming everybody - especially the media - while praising himself to the skies.

No matter how horrible Trump is, they love him. Super Tuesday is looming on March 1st and he's expected to walk away with it. And the world watches in horror.

However, let's remember that this is the Primary Season, and in order to win Trump has had to be vicious towards minorities, immigrants and women (not that he minds) and has even attacked the Pope, and they still vote for him. But the fact is, once we pivot to a contest between Trump and Hillary, he just can't win anymore. He will never get the vote from minority groups, LGBT, women, and mainstream liberals. Oh, some ex-Bernie Libertarians may join him since they have vowed to never vote for Hillary, but the rest of us will just need to show up and vote against him, end of story.

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