Monday, February 1, 2016

Bad Week for Ammon Bundy

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Ammon Bundy sits in jail in Portland Oregon along with most of the leaders of the Malheur Occupation in Burns. I say "most" because one of them is dead - LaVoy Finicum, otherwise known as "Tarpman" was killed by Federal agents when he tried to draw his pistol on them during a traffic stop.

Video of Finicum's death - warning, may be disturbing:

Later, the FBI let it be known that the "window was closing" for the rest of the scofflaws at Malheur Refuge, and if they wanted to skedaddle they'd better do it quickly. Most of them packed up and fled into the night, going back to wherever they came from. But four remained, now known as the "Bundy Gang":

via USA Today
The Oregonian identified those remaining at the refuge as David Fry, 27, of Blanchester, Ohio; and Sean Anderson, 47, his wife, Sandy, 48, and Jeff Banta, 46, of Elko, Nev.

Bundy's wife and lawyer tried calling the remaining four a few nights ago while the world watched on the Livestream. They pleaded with the four to go ahead and leave and offered to get them lawyers, mainly because Ammon and his brother Ryan were told by a judge that none of them will walk free until the refuge is back in government hands.

So this has become a Catch-22 situation. Bundy's freedom now depends on people who were called to Malheur by . . . Ammon Bundy. And they won't leave because Ammon and the late Finicum preached to them that "taking back" the land from the Feds was a cause worth dying for, and the reason they were heavily armed. Sean Anderson and his wife say they are convinced that God sent them there to "make a stand," which is exactly what Ammon said about the place -- before he got arrested. Now Ammon says he's made his point, he never meant it to be an "armed standoff," and is "done with Oregon," but apparently Oregon is not done with him.

Also the FBI seems to have finally cut off communication for the four remaining Militia members, and they have not livestreamed in about 48 hours.

The only member of the group
released so far is Shawna Cox, but that
turned out to be a "mistake." She returned
to Portland and was fitted with an ankle bracelet,
confined to her home in Nevada. While all this was
happening her son-in-law died in a fire.

One member "disappeared" from
Malheur the night Finicum Died:
Blaine Cooper
Whereabouts Unknown


Some believe Santilli was a "snitch" all along:

Sean Anderson, a member of the Wisconsin Militia, sounded off about how he was going to kill FBI members and it was all caught on video. But now he is afraid to leave because he doesn't want to be arrested for conspiracy like the rest of them. All four want to be "pardoned" and walk free because they were "left behind."

Meanwhile other militia types are distancing themselves
from the Bundy Gang.

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