Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trump in Mobile, Alabama

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Donald Trump flew into Mobile, Alabama, last night and spoke to an enthusiastice crowd of 30,000 people. There's no doubt they love him, but do they actually want him for President of the United States. Time will tell . . .

From CNN
Over an hour of often rambling remarks, the New York businessman reveled in the crowd size while he offered them his usual menu of patriotic pledges and carefree criticism of the media, his opponents and political correctness that he said his crowd similarly despised.
"We've gotten an amazing reception," Trump said as he began his remarks, turning his back to the podium at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium and pointing to the rafters behind him. "Has this been crazy? Man!"
The event had the trappings of a big Friday night high school match-up. Trump flew by the stadium in his private jet shortly before 6 p.m., doing a loop around the arena before landing. The fly-by was announced over the stadium's loudspeaker to cheers.

From Politicus USA
After Trump ran through his lines about suing Macy’s and Univision, two of the three cable networks had seen enough and cut away.
CNN cut away to a discussion of whether or not the term anchor baby is a slur. MSNBC flipped it back to Chris Hayes, who mocked Trump’s bragging.
It seems that at least some in the media are growing tired of the Trump circus. The truth about Donald Trump is that his speeches are rambling and boring. A Donald Trump speech is a lot like listening to your Fox News-watching relative spout off for hours because they think they are informed.

Byron York in Washington Examiner
Trump had predicted up to 40,000 people would fill Ladd-Peebles Stadium. That would have been huge, had it happened. As it was, filling about half the stadium was huge, too -- extremely impressive by any standard, except Trump's own.
How did Trump do? He gave what is now his trademark speech, which means it was a long stream of consciousness address incorporating all sorts of extraneous information about his business dealings but also connecting with audiences, both in the stadium and on television, with his outsider's message on immigration and trade. And all in Trump's distinctive style. Like this: "The 14th Amendment? You know what? I was right on it. You can do something with it, and you can do something fast." It's a style that probably works better in a smaller setting than a stadium. But Trump still made his points.

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