Friday, August 7, 2015

First #GOP Primary Debate:

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As expected, Trump upstaged the other candidates during the first Fox #GOP Debate. Right out of the box, he was the only candidate to say he wouldn't promise not to run as an Independent if he didn't get the nomination. When pressed on the issue, he kept restating that even if they rejected him, he would still cause trouble by running as a third party candidate.

He also kept his hard-line stance on the border wall with Mexico:

 photo Trump-Wall.gif

Pushed by hostess Megyn Kelly to explain why he attacks women, Trump said he wished he could say a few things to her, and it was clear to see the bully-boy come out.

 photo Trump-Rosie.gif

Then Trump went after Kelly on Twitter
by retweeting attacks on her performance:

Also this happened:

 photo Trump-Debate1.gif

The rest of the primary candidates spent time trying to dig themselves out of old holes caused by old statements, or they tried to climb over Trump to get their message out.

Ben Carson mumbled about taxes based on Biblical Tithing, just sounding silly. Huckabee mentioned Benghazi at least once. Scott Walker got in a zinger at Hillary Clinton's emails, but also sounded Mitt-like by talking about war with bayonets. Jeb Bush just looked tired and clueless, while Marco Rubio sounded well-rehearsed but also anti-immigration so why would Latinos vote for him?

Chris Christie attempted to play up his involvement with Homeland Security during 9-11 when he was Attorney General of New Jersey prosecuting terrorists. But in most viewer's minds, it just begs the question of why he would then turn around and close down a bridge just for petty politics?

Ted Cruz ran against Washington, giving a mini-speech about cancelling everything about Obama on "Day One" of his Presidency (which will never happen). Cruz was also unintentionally funny, saying his Dad was once a drug addict before he found Jesus. And now . . . his Daddy is a religion addict-fanatic.

All of them want more War, and less Planned Parenthood.

The only Republican that came off sounding moderate was Governor John Kasich, but his message of love, acceptance and help is so far removed from the core of the Tea Party that he is dead in the water now. However, they might drag him along as Veep just to try and win the Ohio swing-state vote.

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