Sunday, June 7, 2015

Duggar Sisters Downplay Abuse from Brother

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The Duggar Denial continued on Friday night as the sisters of Josh Duggar took to Fox News and sought to minimize the impact of his abuse.

From Zerofiltered
Jessa Duggar said her brother was “a young boy in puberty” who was “a little too curious about girls.”
After the fondling, the sisters said, their parents restricted the children from playing games like hide and seek and placed locks on bedrooms where the girls and boys slept separately. Jill Duggar said she was 12 when the abuse occurred, and Jessa Duggar said she was 9 or 10. Both women are now married.
Jessa Duggar said that she wanted to defend her brother against people who call him a child molester, pedophile or rapist. She said people can get angry at her for saying this is overboard, “but I can say this because I was one of the victims.”
“He made some bad choices,” she said. “But really the extent of it was mild, inappropriate touching, on fully clothed victims, most of it while girls were sleeping.”

Josh was "sly and subtle" which is another way of saying he was creeping around like a devious deviant.

Transcript Via Alternet
JESSA DUGGAR SEEWALD: No. I think for us our situation is so different than most girls in that he was — he’s very subtle anyway. Like he knew in his mind my actions are wrong and I have bad intentions but he was very sly, like the girls didn’t catch on, you know. It was like, okay, if you catch the girl sleeping, you know, like a quick feel or whatever. Or it’s like, you know, if you’re just not really aware, you know, in the situation that happened when the girls were awake, it’s like they weren’t aware what was happening. It was very subtle. And so I think that for us it’s like, okay, we realize this is serious — but at the same time it wasn’t like a horror story or like this terrible thing.

And this unintentionally tragic interchange :(

KELLY: . . . What were the safeguards that were put into place just to make sure?

JILL DUGGAR DILLARD: I was going to say not, you know, being alone. My parents said, okay, we’re not going to do this hide and seek thing where two people go off and hide together — and not baby-sitting the girls.

KELLY: At night in your room?

DILLARD: Locks on the doors, you know, everybody’s in bed, girls in the girls’ room, boys in the boys’ room. And so, yes. And as a mother now, I look back and I think, you know, my parents did such an amazing job. For me, even when we went through the DHS investigation, they complimented my parents on what an amazing job they did through that process. And so, I think not only taking the legal actions that they did and then going the extra mile and I see as a mom I hope that I can set the same safeguards in my family that they did and, you know, reaching the heart of their children. And not only trying to take care of Josh but us girls.

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