Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tea Party Tantrums Over Second Obamacare Ruling

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Now that the Supremes have upheld Obamacare twice - today and in 2012 - the same people on the far right still want to blame Chief Justice Roberts for being a traitor to their cause. Never mind how frivolous these lawsuits are, or how many people would suffer if Obamacare was taken away.

The GOP just doesn't want to admit defeat, so they scream, kick, and snarl about Justice Roberts and how "unfair" it is that he upheld a legally passed law giving health care for millions.

Between this ruling on Obamacare and the fact that Confederate Flags are coming down all over the South, this hasn't been a happy week for the Tea Party and their minions. They are all about the butthurt and tears of impotent rage. After they get these Supreme Court Tantrums out of their systems, they can either take a nap or go to the happy chair in the corner.

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