Saturday, April 5, 2014

Glenn Beck has Epic Capslock Rage about Obama the "Military Dictator"

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Glenn Beck is projecting his delusions onto President Obama again as he freaks out over the success of Obamacare. Read and listen to how many times Beck uses the words "bogus" and "made up." Um, yeah - Beck has a vivid imagination and whatever you hear emanating from him is usually bogus and made up - a "fairy tale" as he says. He sort of creates his own mythology as he goes along - putting Obama in a dictator's "self-designed uniform" that exists only in his mind. I particularly like his orange-faced capslock-rage as he screams that he's had enough. Yessir, so have we, thanks.

My transcript:

This guy, you put him in a military uniform, I’m not kidding you, you put him on a balcony in a military uniform, this guy is a full-fledged dictator. There has never been any President who has ever done anything like this.
The guy goes out and everybody knows they are paid to clap. Everybody knew in the Soviet Union. Everyone knew that that was a game. That was a circus.
What are we doing? What are we doing? We're watching a circus happening in our own country and we all know it. And right now we're still allowed to say ...
This is complete(ly) Bogus. This is a complete bogus fairy-tale. This is completely made up. Nonsensical. The Emperor has no clothes. 
And everyone in the press - you rat bastards. Every single one of you know what he's saying isn't true. 
You know it! You know it!
. . . He’s a sociopath! He’s sociopathic! He doesn't care! Yes, he doesn't care anymore!
And what the media is doing - I'm telling you, put this guy in a uniform that he himself designed, because he'll be the greatest uniform designer EVER, because nobody else could ever design a uniform like he could. You put this guy in a self-designed uniform and this guy just goes on for four hours talking.
I'm not going to pay attention to these people anymore. I'm not going to waste my life! I'm going to do what I was born to do.
All men were created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! I have a right to pursue my happiness. I have a right to do what I was born to do, not what they tell me to do. Have you HAD ENOUGH? My state of mind is great because I've had enough.

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