Monday, April 14, 2014

Wingnuts Declare Victory as Feds Leave #BundyRanch

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In an effort to avoid another Waco or Ruby Ridge shoot-out situation, the Bureau of Land Management chose on Saturday to pull back from the kerfuffle at the ranch of Cliven Bundy in Nevada. They even let some of his cattle run free again, which was met with cheers from Tea Party and Militia members lining the highway near the ranch.

The far-right was quick to take credit for a "victory" over the evil Government oppressing Bundy, who has been letting his cattle graze on public land for 20 years without paying a dime for the privilege. That point seems to be lost on the Libertarian crowd, who seem to think "public" land means that anyone can just set up farmin' and moochin' just anywhere as long as they have a gun to wave in the air.

Wrong. The Feds will be back. Next time we see Cliven Bundy will probably be in court, possibly in hand-cuffs if he keeps stirring insurrection. But unfortunately wingnuts like Alex Jones will continue to use #BundyRanch as a reason to spin delusional conspiracy theories blaming Obama, Harry Reid, the United Nations, and even the Chinese.

The Las Vegas Sun
Militiamen came armed and upset from across the U.S. after hearing about the Bureau of Land Management’s efforts to seize Bundy’s cattle, which the BLM said have been trespassing on federal land without proper grazing permits for more than 20 years.
Bundy stopped paying grazing fees because he believes the land is owned by the state and that he has a right to use it for his cattle.
On Saturday, the BLM released all 400 head of Bundy’s cattle that had been rounded up after facing hundreds of states’ rights protestors and armed militia members.
The agency cited “escalating tensions” in calling off the roundup.

BLM Statement via KOLO TV
"Today we announced the decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our grave concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.
This afternoon, demonstrators gathered at the area where personnel and cattle were located. Due to escalating tensions, the cattle have been released from the enclosures in order to avoid violence and help restore order.
Safety has always been our number one priority, and the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service appreciate the support of those who called for a peaceful conclusion to the operation."


OMG Victory!!!

It's All About Obummer and #Benghazi

Conservative Radio Host Dana Loesch
 ~ Range War Expert ~


Alex Jones on Bundy Victory:

Bunker bound radio crazy Alex Jones had a seventy-two hour boner over the story, urging his followers to head on down to Bundy’s ranch and stop the Illuminati Bilberberg Chemtrail UN Agenda 21 cattle wrangling, or die trying. Alex his own bad self couldn’t make it because he was washing his hair/cleaning out his closets/waiting for the cable guy.
~ Raw Story

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