Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hoosier Hospitality Vs. Homophobia

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Governor Mike Pence of Indiana keeps flip-flopping on what to do about the gay discrimination RFRA law he chose to sign last week. While more corporations pull out of Indiana and more famous names stand against Pence, he vacillates between pleasing his Tea Party backers and trying to save his state from ruin. The problem for Pence is that he's always taken a hard line against gay rights, and can't run away from that. He doesn't want to be seen as giving them equality because the far-right will dump him. I guess he forgot that his oath of office meant he was governor for EVERYONE in Indiana, not just the far-right Evangelical Kochtopians.

From The Atlantic
Tuesday is proving to be a turning point in the fight over Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. With businesses, the state's largest newspaper, and leaders in the General Assembly expressing doubts about the law, Governor Mike Pence said he wanted to sign a bill this week "clarifying" the law.

"After much reflection and in consultation with leadership of the General Assembly, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that his law does not give business a right to deny services to anyone," Pence, a Republican, said at a press conference in Indianapolis Tuesday. "We want to make it clear that Indiana is open for business. We want to make it clear that Hoosier Hospitality is not a slogan, it’s a way of life."

Pence called for a bill on his desk by the end of the week. That deadline coincides with the NCAA Final Four, which begins Saturday in Indianapolis. The NCAA has criticized the law, and there have been calls—though they have not gained traction—for the tournament to be moved.

The Indiana Star came forward with an epic front page:

The Atlantic Continues:
On Tuesday, The Indianapolis Star demanded changes in an unusual and striking front-page editorial. The paper's editorial board says that the state's reputation is on the line. "All of this is at risk because of a new law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that no matter its original intent already has done enormous harm to our state and potentially our economic future," the editorial states.

Meanwhile, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has said he will not sign a similar bill unless it is revised to resemble the Natinoal Religious Freedom law signed by Bill Clinton. This was a smart move from Hutchinson, but it really leaves Pence hanging out to dry, which is hilarious.

From CNN
Hutchinson asked lawmakers to recall the law that the Arkansas House had given final approval on Tuesday — or to send him follow-up legislation that makes the changes he requested.
Meanwhile, Hutchinson said, he's considering signing an executive order that bars discrimination among the state's workforce.
"The issue has become divisive because our nation remains split on how to balance the diversity of our culture with the traditions and firmly held religious convictions," Hutchinson said. "It has divided families, and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue."

Absolutely the best tweet about Gov. Pence and #RFRA came from author Stephen King!

Well, said, Sir!

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