Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cliven Bundy and Sons Show Up for Nevada Land Hearing

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On Monday March 31, 2015, the Nevada Legislature had a special Committee Meeting to hear public comments on the law AB408, also known as the "Bundy Bill." This abominable piece of legislation would make it possible (in some alternate universe) for Nevada to "take back" their land from the Federal Government, then sell it to the highest bidder. Or, they could just give it to the ranchers who have been using it for cattle leases - you know, like Cliven Bundy did last year.

The sponsor of this bill is Michele Fiore, the crazy Nevada Assemblywoman who once flipped out on the Chris Hayes Show as she talked about how the Bureau of Land Management had harrassed Cliven Bundy's cattle during the stand-off last year. You know, the same cattle he has been letting graze on public land for 25 years without paying his grazing fees. The cattle that actually now belong to the Federal Government, but which for some reason the BLM will not seize as payment. This whole thing baffles me.

The reason Bundy and Fiore want this bill passed is so Nevada can set a legal precedent for all the other western states overseen by the BLM. They want all public land opened to cattle grazing, mining, and hunting, and probably want it policed by the Bundy Ranch Militia instead of the government. That sort of leaves the rest of us out of the process, which is the point because they want their own little kingdom, and couldn't care less about wildlife, hikers, or Native Americans. 

First the "Pro" people spoke, led by one of Cliven's sons, Ammon Bundy, who invoked the Bible, the Constitution, and God, and it went downhill from there. It amused me that many of the libertarian types also mentioned raising tax revenue on the land for the state instead of the Fed, but then these are the same people who don't want to pay taxes on the roads they travel, or pay those darn grazing fees anymore.

Most of the people speaking "Against" the law were Conservationists or Native Americans (who actually have a claim on the land, you know), and a few were just very eloquent citizens worried about running into crazy people with guns whenever they want to take a walk in the desert.

The third group were the supposed "Neutrals," although they all turned out to be more Bundy-ites, including Cliven's other son Ryan!! My favorite "Neutral" was an out-of-state gal from California who waved her hands in the air and said she was afraid of Harry Reid, Red China, Saudi Arabia, and ISIS, at which point the chairwoman reminded her she was supposed to be neutral. It was that kind of meeting.

I watched this hearing for hours yesterday, and live-tweeted, so many of the tweets below are from my account. If something is in quotations, it is a verbatim quote - even though some of them seem beyond bizarre - like the woman who held up a spur to make her point, or the guy who name-dropped Bob Dole for some unknown reason. All true!

The Pro's

The Opposition

The So-Called Neutrals

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