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Palin May Have Finally Jumped the GOP Shark This Time ~ Updated

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Sarah Palin made a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, and once again it was weird wacky word salad, which is really just the same old, same old for we long-time Palin-watchers.

But this time even Conservatives are going "huh?" to some of her statements. The concensus after this rambling and rather disturbing speech is that Sarah has finally jumped the shark, even among her most staunchly stupid fans.

And basically the GOP is telling her to go away and let other candidates run in 2016.

But just like Frankenstein's Monster, Palin does whatever she wants to do! So she will continue to be the unwanted Elephant in the Room.

What shocked the churchly crowd at the Iowa Summit was her vulgar imagery. Family Values, folks!

From New York Daily News
“'The man can only ride you when your back is bent,” Palin said — one in a series of unusual one-liners she ad libbed after her teleprompter froze. “So strengthen it! Then the man can't ride you, America won't get taken for a ride, because so much is at stake.”

“What will they do to stop causing our pain and start feeling it again” she said in a short rant over Obamacare. “Well, in other words, um — Is Hillary a new Democrat or an old one?”

“Now the press asks, the press asks, ‘Can anyone stop Hillary?’ Again, this is to forego a conclusion, right? It's to scare us off, to convince us that — a pantsuit can crush patriots,” she added.

At another point, she yelled, “Screw the left in Hollywood” — an apparent jab at critics of the movie “American Sniper,” which some liberals have claimed glamorizes war.


Full Speech:

An impatient president doesn’t just get to trample our Constitution and ignore Congress just because he doesn’t get exactly what he wants every time he wants it,” Palin said. “It’s like an overgrown little boy who’s just acting kind of spoiled. And moms, we don’t put up with that, do we?
~ Sarah Palin Via MSNBC

Update: She was skewered by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central:

Ohhhhhhhh! The Freedom Summit, the Peak! All downhill from the summit!
. . . Ladies and gentlemen, it may be the rare, brown-haired Alaskan podium-seeker!
. . . It was all going fine until her subjects stopped talking to her verbs... Man, that's the kind of talk you hear in the drugstore just before the pharmacist says 'Ma'am, you got to leave the Walgreens.' Now we know what it's like to get cornered by Ms. Palin at an open-bar wedding. Um, listen - this Iowa Freedom Summit speech wasn't just regular-person incoherent. It was Palin-incoherent. Apparently, Gov. Palin had been forced to improvise after her teleprompter broke. But I got to tell ya - it's not that different from her on-script. Sarah Palin doesn't believe in your liberal-elitist 'grammar' and 'syntax.' She be bold! She no play by your 'ribbles' - that's what she calls rules. That's when it hit me - incoherent, rambling, unintelligible, folksy idioms. She's not speaking at a political event. Sarah Palin is trying to sell America a Lincoln (shows clip of Matthew McConaughey driving Lincoln car in commercial - switches to Palin spouting nonsense in backseat of car, LOL).


Another Update! Sam Seder on Majority Report:

Transcript from Speech: On Sexism and Racism:

Palin: Knowing what the media is going to do throughout 2016 to all of us, it’s going to take more than a village to beat Hillary! (crowd cheers, Palin giggles as chants of "Sarah! Sarah!" rise up.)

Here's how we do it, okay? (takes a drink of water from a bottle, crowd laughs). We go on offense! We go on offense now and we expect our GOP leaders in DC to get on offense, because we, the people, we realize that this is war - as I say it is war for the solvency and sovereignty of the United States of America.

And we don’t sit on our thumbs this next time when one of our own is being crucified and falsely accused of whatever the hip accusation of the day happens to be, right, racism, sexism, whatever. Really it’s kinda Orwellian observing how that works, that rule of Saul Alinsky’s, no doubt, that the left employs, disgusting charges from the left.

Reverse them! It is they who point a finger not realizing that they have triple that amount of fingers pointing right back at them revealing that they are the ones who really discriminate and divide on color and class and sex! We call them out. We don’t let them get away with it. (crowd claps)

On Gender - oh, man, this one - on Gender. It is they who defeat women, they shackle them to the good old boys running Washington, pimping this promise that they have to provide for the little ladies’ every need, because ‘there, there, a woman, she's just not capable.’ It's the Left that does that. It isn't the Right, it isn't Conservatives. So we go on offense and reveal the real war on women with truth, because we can handle the truth!”

On Saturday evening following Palin's speech, the DNC issued a short statement responding to her speech.
"Thank you!" DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee said in the statement.
~ Huffington Post

Update 2: Dems are using Palin's speech to raise money for Hillary!

From Huffington Post
The group, Ready For Hillary, used comments about Clinton that Palin made over the weekend in Iowa to raise more than $25,000.
"It's going to take more than a village to beat Hillary," Palin said on Saturday. "I'm ready for Hillary. Are you coming?"
Ready For Hillary immediately seized on the comments and emailed supporters, asking them to donate. On Tuesday evening, the group emailed supporters again, announcing that the super PAC had raised more than $25,000 as a result of Palin's comments -- enough to qualify the former GOP candidate for vice president to be a co-chair of Ready for Hillary.

. . . more than a few GOP loyalists came away shaking their heads at the performance of a party star, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, whose long, rambling, and at times barely coherent speech left some wondering what role she should play in Republican politics as the 2016 race begins in earnest.
~ Byron York, Washington Examiner

Nicole Wallace of MSNBC, who was a handler of Sarah Palin during her ill-fated Vice Presidential run in 2008 with John McCain, pointed out that Byron York was once a Sarah Palin fanboy, but now he's apparently come to his senses:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Byron York writes about what he calls the GOP's Palin problem. He quotes conservative activists who called the speech long and disjointed, weird, and terrible, adding it didn't make any sense. York also quotes Craig Robinson of the Iowa Republican blog who writes in part, "I'm not comfortable sharing everything I heard about the speech. It was that bad. No offense to Governor Palin, but I do think it is problematic to have someone give a speech like that in the middle of a string of serious speeches by people who are seriously thinking about running for president.

BRZEZINSKI: Obviously, Nicole, I would think you would have more insight than anyone. What do you think when you're watching this?

NICOLLE WALLACE: Well, it's interesting that Byron York came to that conclusion. In 2008 he was one of her staunchest defenders. I remember being on the cell phone with him; he was one of the harshest critics of the campaign's handling of her. I think he really thought the problem with Palin was in our packaging of Palin and to see him kind of come full circle. I mean, this is who she is. This to me is evidence that she has finally shed every last one of those annoying handlers.

"It's a Tragedy" ~ Joe Scarborough
(for whom?)

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