Monday, January 12, 2015

Mitt Romney May Run for President in 2016

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So Mitt Romney thinks he should run for President again, and is throwing his hat into the ring for 2016. After all, it's his destiny and his birthright, and as his wife Ann pointed out, "it's our turn" to be in the White House. After all, Mitt is better than every other GOP candidate, and let's face it, he thinks he is better than most people, even 47% of the people, or even more. And he has Romnesia, so he doesn't remember all his gaffes from the last election, when he LOST big time. There's always that Etch-A-Sketch ploy to start all over again. Because that worked so well last time . . . oh wait . . . .

Kasie Hunt and Benjy Sarlin reported over the weekend:
The 2012 Republican presidential nominee told a small group of donors in New York City on Friday that he’s looking at a third White House bid, said Spencer Zwick, who was Romney’s finance chairman in 2012 and who attended Friday’s event.
“People ask if I really want to be president,” Romney said, according to a source in the room. “Yeah, I want to be president.”
A source close to Romney told msnbc, “He’s more open to it, based on all the encouragement he’s received.”

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