Monday, July 14, 2014

Gun-Nut Mom Jokes About Assassinating President Obama

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The group "Moms Demand Action" and leader Shannon Watts have had success recently getting both restaurant chains as well as Target stores to ban people from Open Carry who want to scare people with assault weapons. Now there is a backlash group called "Moms With Guns Demand Action" started by a woman named Kathy L. Perkins.

Moms with Guns Demand Action

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Obviously the founder of that group thinks Shannon Watts and anyone who wants to curb firearms is unpatriotic, while she is a "real 'Merican." Perkins enjoys parading around with a gun strapped to her back in front of Girl Scouts and talking about the 2nd Amendment. But this week she took her love of weapons and shooting a little too far - into the realm of murder, as in "assassination." On her Facebook, she joked about assassinating President Obama. And now Kathy Perkins is on everyone's radar, including (hopefully) the Secret Service, the FBI, and even the NSA, if they are paying attention.

Screencap Via Liberaland

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As of tonight her Twitter account @MomsWithGuns has either been suspended or deleted, and so has the "Moms With Guns Demand Action" Facebook.
Another Facebook Group called simply Moms With Guns (the same name as Perkins' Twitter account, is denying that Perkins was ever a member, or that they have anything to do with her. In fact they refer to her as their "current parasite" because they are getting some flack from people who dislike Perkins.

About her flight from the Internets, via Liberaland
Ms. Kathy Perkins, founder of Moms With Guns Demand Action, who defiantly shared her thoughts on our twice-elected president by writing, “Where is an assasin when you need one?” [sic] and has called for an armed uprising, has magically disappeared. So, she either ran, or the black hovering helicopters she’s been hallucinating have actually gathered her crazy self up and hauled her in for questioning.
She wanted to “Take this country back by force” and now presumably, she’s run from the Internet.

There is still a cached copy of her Non-Apology Apology. In it Perkins mentions "CATI" - the group "Come and Take It Texas" - referring to the Greek phrase from King Leonidas of Sparata "Molon Labe" - "Come and Take My Weapons."
I am not a member of CATI (. Haven't been for a while. I apologize for my comment "where is an assassin when you need one?" and agree it was not something I should joke about.
I don't see Obama as my President but I respect the office and though on my personal page, I should have expected trolls to be trollin for garbage to spin. I am affiliated with no gun groups but my own and if I had any power Obama would be imprisoned for treason and brought before a court of his peers where Id hope for an appropriate judgement for the crime of treason.
My comment has been spun as a call for his assassination but it was not that. I invite the FBI or whoever to investigate me. I am guilty of nothing and have nothing to hide while the current occupant of the Oval Office is guilty of high treason and needs to attack housewives to distract people from his evil.
My regret is joking about his serious crimes against our country.
I will not read or respond to the comments by haters who love spin. Its regretful that CATI was attacked for a personal post on my personal page.
I wish CATI Godspeed and success and wish to say I am not associated with them nor was my comment. They are good people with good intentions. Im against behaving unwisely and will not joke on my personal page about serious issues our Nation faces any longer. I under estimated my enemy's love of spin and hatred for Americans who love our Constitution.
Carry On Patriots! If you get attacked, know its because you are doing something good. Our enemies are vile and ruthless and wait for any scrape of spin to use against us. Im glad they are watching though because this Armed Mom wont be scared off by lies and threats and spin.

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