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Chris McDaniel Leads Mississippi Mud-Slinging

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The Polar Vortex dipped as far south as Mississippi last week, but that didn't cool down the Republican Primary race, and with increased heat and humidity this week, the "Long Hot Summer" is reaching a boiling point. The trouble with throwing hot-boiling mud is that some of it bounces back onto you. That's what is happening to the Mississippi Tea Party. Talk about muddying the waters! Some of it is worse than mud . . .

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On Thursday, July 17, the State Supreme Court ruled that McDaniel and his minions couldn't view the birthdates of voters in the polling books. The people in charge of the state election had testified there was no reason to give out that information since voters were already vetted by those in charge, and McDaniel had no jurisdiction as a candidate. Also, apparently McDaniel produced no evidence of voter fraud anyway!

From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger:
The state Supreme Court on Thursday rejected Chris McDaniel's request for access to poll books without voters' birth dates blacked out.
But McDaniel's lawyers are going to ask the court to rehear the case.
. . . In a statement Thursday, McDaniel said a Mississippi candidate "should not have to raise $100,000 to verify an election was carried out legally."

The McDaniel campaign had filed lawsuits against numerous county circuit clerks statewide over the access and was granted access in some cases, denied in others. It appealed its case against Harrison County Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker to the state Supreme Court, asking for an emergency order opening the records.
McDaniel accused Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann — who endorsed Cochran — of intentionally misleading circuit clerks to thwart him.
On Thursday Hosemann said, "Filing lawsuits against circuit clerks who are clearly following the law is both a waste of time and taxpayer money."

From GulfLive
McDaniel has released no documents to substantiate his claims that thousands of voting irregularities occurred June 24.
The only registered voters prohibited from casting a ballot in the June 24 Republican runoff were those who had voted in the June 3 Democratic primary. Mississippi voters do not register by party, but state law bans people from voting in one party's primary and another party's runoff in the same cycle.

After losing in the Miss. Supreme Court, McDaniel once again showed he cannot lose gracefully by calling for the Republican Party to be "purged."

Via The Hill
"They hired Democratic operatives to go out into Democratic communities and call me a racist," said McDaniel, who still has not conceded in the race.
"That's despicable," he went on.
"It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged … There are elements within our own party that have no business being Republicans. Republicans should not behave in that fashion."
McDaniel was speaking on "Focal Point," a radio talk-show based in Tupelo. His comments were reported by The Associated Press.
. . . Ads that ran on black radio stations prior to the runoff said McDaniel would cut social welfare programs such as food stamps if he succeeded in the race.
"Because of the race baiting, because of all the nasty things they said about me and conservatives in this state, they pushed more than 40,000 Democrats into the Republican runoff," McDaniel said in the interview.

At some point McDaniel will have to accept that the election is over and Cochran won. But there is now a rift in the Mississippi Republican Party that may never be healed. McDaniel supporters are using the hashtag #RememberMississippi - and we know how long memories last in that state, where the Civil War seems like yesterday. Democrats hopeful for a win in November are urging them to "Please Proceed" with their in-fighting.

What McDaniel and his supporters are particularly good at is making accusations at everyone from black voters to journalists to people who dare to state an opinion on Twitter. They spent the past week throwing muck at anyone who accepts the election laws of Mississippi or questions whether McDaniel should just concede before he does more damage.

And McDaniel is the one cheering them on.

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Posted on Chris McDaniel's Facebook on July 19

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Here's a sweet insult directed at ME on Twitter:

I'm a troll? You look more like a troll, but never mind...

Maybe McDaniel just "seems" racist because he courts Neo-Confederates:

And maybe McDaniel scared off voters because he's just cray-cray.
Here he is joking about Racism and "Mamacitas"
(Does this prove it to you, Troll?)

Some McDaniel supporters just seem confused:

Yeah - Republicans don't need those minority groups.
Oh wait.
Maybe if McDaniel hadn't been so busy with dog-whistles
he would have gotten those votes.

This next person seems almost frightened of voting.
After all, you can't trust anybody anymore.

Others think, Hey, Cochran Should Just Resign, ok?
Come, on, Thad, Pleeeeeeeeeze???

And some just want to simply change all-the- laws so that the Tea Party can win - an old story, but a dangerous one. Sore losers always want to change the rules. I don't think this will help them in the future, as it will just make Democrats more determined to win.

Yesterday, Sunday 7-20-2014, there was this exchange on Facebook, with mud-slinging all over the place:

Jeremiah Boddy
July 18 at 6:43pm · Jackson, MS · Edited ·
I had a meeting with Joe Nosef today. It was agreed that there must be apologies made on behalf of the Cochran campaign for the race baiting comments. Also coarse things said by McDaniel campaign. We can heal but there must be apologies first.

Grant Sowell
I want to see this and some orange jump suits along with apologies.
 photo b76bf543-1bab-4309-b6ab-d6dd06d29318.jpg

Joe Nosef
Just for the record to make things clear I did not say the Cochran campaign needed to apologize for ads run by a third party group. No more than I would say that the McDaniel campaign needs to apologize for the nursing home break in. But I do believe people on both sides who actually care about government & how it impacts their lives should make a sincere effort to find common ground. That could include a general apology for the tone of the campaign. And things done in the aftermath. I had a good meeting with Jeremiah and do not blame him for our small miscommunication. He is a nice young man and some of the people on here who are much older should listen to him.

Danny Sowell
I am willing to take one for the team today and say Mr. Nosef and the Cochran dog & pony show can go to hell where they all belong.
I have read comments made by Nosef on another thread that was posted yesterday and the guy doesn't understand the damage done. Cochran can apologize all he wants, but his words are just that, and a I doubt his ramblings would be sincere. Personally, I don't see anything Chris needs to apologize for. Cochran has stood by and allowed these pigs to run his campaign in the ground and cause collateral damage to the conservative base. The best thing he can do is resign, admit to the wrong doing of his campaign hands, and denounce all of the criminal activity. Until those things happen, Nosef, the Barbours and Cochran can kiss it where the sun doesn't shine. I think the majority of conservatives will not fall for the idea of an apology and everything will be just fine. The most terrible act one could do is paint another as a racist and once this has been done, we all will be viewed as just that, a racist.

Joe Nosef
Danny thanks for the very intelligent post. I'm sure you were a great asset to Chris' campaign. I am going to screen shot your post so I can use it during presentations as an example of one of the main problems in this election.

And it just went downhill from there:

Stacey D.
The Republicans elected Chris. Period. Fix that. I hate politics. I have lost sleep over this and ignored my children trying to follow the news. At least they know that it matters though. I waved a flag and held a Chris sign for the first time in my life (so therein I am a problem too). I want a clean house with professionals who listen to the people and have their eyes on the Lord. Repentance requires stepping away and finding yourself again. I felt helpless as I watched a man I had voted for for years do something that as a social worker I condemn. There is a paper trail. There are facts. There is accountability. The nursing home NEVER was Chris's, doing clearly. A man who died innocent never got to speak for himself. For the love of the children of MS who need their Republican votes to mean something, SEEK THE LORD's FACE AND SEEK HIS WISDOM AND GUIDANCE AND DO THE HARD THING!!!!! GIVE THE REPUBLICAN PEOPLE OF MS WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!!

Cynthia H.
Joe Nosef, keep siding with evil, we will remember.

Robby B.
There is no difference now between the democratic and Republican Party. Thad's campaign pulled the same stunts as the Obama campaign in stealing the election. It's not about representing conservative values, it's about power and holding onto it. Hypocrites in suits keeping the status quo.

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