Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Women's March

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It was epic, it was sweeping, it was historic, and it helped millions of men, women, and children around the world get over the worst election in American history.

Will it change the fact that Donald Trump is President? No. Will it send a message to conservatives that we will not sit down and shut up and let them run the show? Yes! So at least there is hope that someone is paying attention.

From New York Mag: "Don't Let Anybody Tell You the Marches Didn't Matter
It matters that Trump drew a sparse crowd to inaugural festivities that he had billed beforehand as a historic, Jacksonian uprising of The People. And it matters much more that millions of Americans came out on a Saturday to register their protest. It is not only catharsis, though catharsis is better than depression. The message has been heard by the political class, Republican and Democratic alike.

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