Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hillary Survives Eleven Hours of Benghazi Madness

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Hillary Clinton was grilled for ELEVEN hours by the witch-hunting Benghazi-craycray Committee. Eleven hours of vindictive partisan nonsense.

From Newsweek
. . . even by their hyper-partisan standards, House Republicans reached a new level of partisanship on October 22. For 11 grueling hours, a House committee grilled Hillary Clinton about the 2012 terrorist attack on the State Department’s facility in Benghazi, Libya.
Although the committee droned on from dawn to dusk, the hearing did not produce a single substantive new fact about Benghazi.
. . . Following Gowdy’s lead, the other Republicans asked their questions in the form of accusations that Clinton heartlessly caused the American deaths in Benghazi. No objective observer could interpret the committee’s questions as having any purpose other than to score crude political points.
Crucially, Clinton refused to take the committee’s bait. She learned from her past mistakes. In the 2013 Senate hearing, she was combative and defensive. On Thursday, she was patient, measured and relaxed. She avoided giving her opponents sound bites they could use against her in the 2016 presidential election.

The Whole Thing Here from Roll Call:

Crazy Moments:

Chairman Trey Gowdy comes out swinging at Hillary

"Moment of Levity" ~ Rep. Martha Roby R-Alabama asks if Hillary was "alone all night" when Benghazi attack occurred

Rep. Peter Roskam R-Illinois skewers Hillary

Gowdy and Rep. Elijah Cummings R-MD Bicker

Rep. Jim Jordan R-Ohio wouldn't let her answer

Mike Pompeo R-Kansas asks stupid questions

Rep. Adam Smith D-CA:
The purpose of this committee is to prosecute you!

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