Monday, October 6, 2014

Wingnuts Blame Obama for Ebola Virus Because "African"

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The Republicans - and even some far-left conspiracy nuts - just can't resist trying to connect President Obama and the Ebola Virus. After all, he is African, you know. Oh wait, he's African-American, maybe - have you checked his birth certificate lately? When will you lib-tards admit he's a totally black socialist Kenyan who eats bush meat and invented HIV and Ebola in his bid to destroy 'Merica? Doesn't that make perfect sense?

People shouldn't be so scared about this virus from Africa. He only has two more years of his presidency
~ Actor Steve Howley on a tweet he later deleted, reported by TMZ

I believe the failure to stop these planes from comin' into Sierra Leone, there could be politics involved in that too. Obama, familial connection with Africa - he has an enormous amount of, I think, core ties to the African continent. He's mindful of his own family history there.
~ Laura Ingraham on her talk show

I think very few people trust our government as being competent. Let's not kid ourselves. I mean with the five billion dollar website for Obamacare, which is still not working frankly and it's a disaster. And so many other things: Benghazi, wars... IRS.
. . . I mean we have virtually incompetent leadership. So why would anybody trust our government to handle this crisis? And to think that we're allowing people from West Africa to come in, and many of them are unchecked, come in and potentially cause a tremendous problem.
~ Donald Trump on Fox News

Ebola is a plot to kill the Military
and Benghazzzzzzzzziiiiii!!!

(Obama wants to send) 3,000 military into where they can get Ebola that they can bring back. The military is not trained to go catch Ebola and die. They’re trained to go in and kill the people that want to come back and kill us. The president’s priorities are all mixed up here.
~ Louie Gohmert R-Texas

 Red State: Pestilence and Bush Meat

. . . we have a person in the United States who flew back from Africa with Ebola. The White House neither wants to stop flights to Africa nor does it want to more closely monitor people coming into the United States from Africa via other countries.
At least this administration is consistent. It will let every one and every thing, including pestilence, cross our border. I bet, if we are patient, the administration will even place Ebola with a nice family somewhere in Middle America and given it government benefits.
~ Erick Erickson, Fox News Pundit and Owner of Red State

Banning flights to a country where brown people live is RACIST to Barack Ebola.
~ ncfamilyman on Red State

We still have international ports of entry, passports and visa checks, shot records, the only problem is the Mexican boarder, we don't do squat there. Maybe that's how the mystery virus killing and crippling our kids came from ? Thanks Mr. president.
~ lerp on Red State

Here is one of the major problems. People from this part of the World love to bring in "Bush Meat" into the United States. Even though it is not allowed, an Officer must open up that suitcase and take it. That in itself may become problematic if people get fearful. It's just a fact. All suitcases should be emptied of any meat BEFORE it leaves an African airport, instead of bringing it here.
. . . Ebola is a animal related disease, mostly from eating bat meat. One person comes from Africa to with infected meat and feeds it to 10 family members, we now have 10 people with Ebola. The fact that this ONE man contracted Ebola before coming here is nothing compared to an infected bag of Bushmeat will be Major. The fact is, this is a more dangerous way to bring Ebola here.
~ Bobbyd12 on Red State

Free Republic: Obama Kills the Innocents

Ebola Is Obama's "Katrina", And He's More Worried About Africans Than Americans???
~ Headline on Free Republic

If Obama can heal the earth, and stop the oceans from rising...can’t he also stop Ebola?
Yes, of course he can...but he doesn’t want to.
~ Cowboy Bob on Free Republic

Obammy is visiting this ebola crap on innocents!!!
~ Joe B. on Free Republic

I wonder if 0bola is letting the US taxpayer foot the bill for flying Ebola affected countries citizens here.
~ Jane L. on Free Republic

easier than burning Christians on the lamp posts along pennsylvania ave.
~ knarf on Free Republic

I wonder if Obama is willing to take the Mooch and their two kids to Liberia on their next vacation on our dime, shake hands with the locals, and demonstrate to Americans that there is nothing to worry about? (sarc)
~ avid cougar on Free Republic

A good Ebola outbreak in the USofA would overwhelm the Health Insurance companies and the government could rescue the system with -TA_DA! Single Payer.
~ arthurus on Free Republic

People don’t feel better off than they were five years ago, and obviously whether it’s the GSA, the IRS, Syria, Ebola, the Secret Service, I means what’s going well in regard to this administration and those senators who have followed him in lockstep?
~ Reince Priebus, Republican Clown

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