Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls and the Hashtag Police

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Ann Coulter was the most obvious critic of Michelle Obama after she held up a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls in her weekly address ~ see my Previous Post:

Twitter Punks Ann Coulter After She Mocks Michelle Obama

Unfortunately, there are others on Twitter who fancy themselves the "Hashtag Police" - forever dissing any hashtag that they don't find important or worthwhile. Or they say because everyone isn't an "expert" in what the hashtag is about, then they are just "armchair activists." Thank you, Captain Obvious, but we can't all go to Nigeria and help the FBI and Special Forces hunt down Boko Haram.

Some people freaked out that President Obama dared to send help to Nigeria, alternating between despair that America hasn't helped much before, and anger that there might be 'boots on the ground" - the same argument we hear about Ukraine and Syria and lots of other places.

Others implied that the hashtag was useless because the members of Boko Haram wouldn't read our tweets anyway, while others pointed out that Boko Haram has killed other children in the past, so why worry about a mere 200 young girls? Just GIVE UP People!!!

So I guess because GOP members like Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan don't read our tweets, we should stop tweeting about them, too? And if there's an atrocity in the world, such as fracking or pollution or pushing animals to extinction, we should ignore it because the world is just evil and it's ARMCHAIR ACTIVISM!

And it's all Obama's fault anyway because he keeps doing things that Presidents do and all of that is evil so JUST GIVE UP, PEOPLE!!!

It's rather baffling that no one complained about the #BundyRanch hashtag for a month, but suddenly 200 girls go missing and they don't think #BringBackOurGirls is a helpful hashtag? It's a strange phenomena for sure.

I think this is an important debate, so I'm going to post both sides here, via Twitter.

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